How to group email message in Outlook Inbox? [Using Group by ..]

I personally am the biggest fan of Microsoft Excel and the most beautiful thing about Excel is the grouping, it helps me work smarter and faster, In Microsoft Outlook, the flow of emails is endless, arranging emails according to your convenient work smarter as well.

I found an email grouping feature in Outlook, which helps me arrange my inflow category-wise.

Throughout this article, I will share How to manage and create outlook groups.

How to make a group email list in outlook

Earlier in the previous article grouping email contacts/distribution list sounds helpful. Creating email groups in Outlook in the inbox is another great method to find specific emails.

Conversation View in Outlook group emails from certain email addresses individually. Using Group by .. function creates groups (contacts, CC, dates, from, subject, send).

Multibranding shop with numerous products if not arranged properly neither the shop nor the customer understand which results in a mess.

Method A

By default email is arranged in the inbox by date and ascending order, the latest one on the top, you can grouping email messages by subject, To, Size, From, Attachment. 

You can reverse the order by clicking on the upward arrow to downward.

arrange by date

Click on By Date, it opens up a dropdown list to allow the user to arrange emails in various setups (filter, arrange, sort).

Arrange filter sort email in outlook

Method B

Let’s dive in:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Select the folder (Inbox)
  • Click on View Tab >> View Settings

make a group email list in outlook

  • Advanced view setting dialog box appears. >> Click Group by..

advanced view setting

  • Another dialog box appears where you can group the required email messages.
  1. Attachment
  2. Category
  3. CC
  4. Contacts
  5. Conversation
  6. Created
  7. Do not auto-archive
  8. Due date
  9. Flag completed date
  10. Flag status
  11. Follow up flag
  12. From
  13. IMAP Status
  14. Importance
  15. Receive
  16. Receive representative name
  17. Recipient Name
  18. RSS Feed
  19. Sensitivity
  20. Send
  21. Start date
  22. Subject
  23. To

group email list in outlook

You can group email and then and then and then, the arrangement pattern in the mail list results look as desired.

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