How To Create a Shared Calendar in Outlook?

Remembering events includes calendars, manually circling, and marking your paper calendar is the only option in the early days, but now digitalization makes everything extremely easy, only you must do is enter your data.

Microsoft Outlook calendar is one of the excellent platforms not only to manage your emails but also to remind you and alert you for your upcoming event which was entered in your calendar.

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What is Microsoft Outlook Calendar?

Microsoft Outlook is an excellent platform for scheduling meetings, activities, events, and tasks, and organizing your daily, weekly, and monthly calendars in a single place also reminds you and shows you alerts from time to time and assures you that you will never miss any event.

How to create a shared calendar in outlook?

Creating a calendar is pining events before their date. Here step by step tutorial for sharing the calendar.

  • Go to the calendar by clicking the navigation button on the left-hand button of the page.

outlook calendar

The calendar consists of (Scheduled Meetings, Recurring meetings, appointments, to-do lists, and Tasks), You can easily save them into your computer calendar.

  • Click Home >> Open Calendar >> click Create New Blank Calendar

how to share outlook calendar

  • You must give some name and click OK

outlook calendar permissions

Your calendar is added to the calendar list, check on your navigation section. You can select multiple in a single sheet and check the list of events in your calendars.

Microsoft outlook calendar

  • Go to Home Tab >> Click Email Calendar >> select the range

outlook share calendar

  • Click OK
  • Your calendar is attached with the mail, enter the recipient’s email address and subject.

how to create a shared calendar in outlook

Outlook calendar advanced features

Outlook takes care of your daily routine carefully; you will never miss only your event or appointment or any important task.

  • Easily create a secondary calendar.
  • Share a calendar inside and outside your organization.
  • Email your calendar.
  • You can create a calendar group.
  • Schedule a meeting/recurring meeting
  • To-Do list
  • Many more …

How Microsoft Outlook calendar benefits the common man

Not paying your credit card bill, missing an important installment, unable to attend a parent meeting in school, are some of the notable events which required proper attention and at the proper time.

Missing or avoiding intentionally or unintentionally causes a financial dent in your pocket.

Microsoft Outlook helps you as a personal assistant and reminds you from time to time of your upcoming events.

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