How To Combine Multiple Outlook Emails into One PDF?

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Can you imagine having 30+ emails in your inbox at once? And even worse, they are in several different formats? Or maybe you want to combine them into one document so that you don’t have to go through each email separately?

Sometimes we get too much email, and we simply cannot keep track of it all. When this happens, one way to save time is to merge multiple Outlook emails into one PDF file.

This is easier said than done, though. Thankfully, Outlook has the perfect feature to assist us in merging multiple Outlook emails into one pdf document.

Microsoft Outlook one of the smart platforms arrange and manage all kind of emails, Most of the users keep the copy of the email in an external format which lasts longer to keep in the record in soft copy mostly in PDF format.

You can save important emails for future reference in PDF format for a lifetime, Here in this article, you will learn the quickstep to Combine Multiple Outlook Emails Into One PDF.

Steps to convert multiple emails to PDF

There is no proper solution available, an inbuilt feature to combine multiple emails and save them to PDF. So the question arises “How do I save multiple Outlook emails as pdf“.

You can manually approach to save multiple emails in One PDF file. You can select emails individually and then save them as PDFs.

If you try to use save as a feature, you will end up saving selected emails into HTML, TXT, MHT, MSG, and Template format files.

Currently, Microsoft Print to PDF Printer by default is available in place of the printer, if you do/don’t have a printer added to your system.

  • Open the folder
  • Select multiple emails you like to save as PDF using the Ctrl key.
  • Click File Tab >> Click Print >> Select Microsoft Print to PDF from the Printer drop-down list.
  • Click Preview and check out all selected emails and how they would be printed to the pdf file.
  • Click Print.
Printer in outlook
  • Save Print Output As dialog appears, select your location, name your file, and Save as file by default is selected PDF document (*.pdf), which can’t be changed.
Printing Outlook
  • Finally Click Save. You can check your location, the selected message has been converted to a PDF file.

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