How to clean up Outlook Calendar?

The availability of numerous calendar in Microsoft Outlook cause real trouble to the user as far as space and space and performance is a concerned.

Cleaning up Outlook Calendar and removing all existing events in Outlook calendar, old appointments hold a large space and crowded in your Outlook calendar folder, cleaning/removing on regular basis is important.

Some of the old calendar entries also have large attachment sizes, it’s better to get rid of all unwanted entries for the calendar. In this article, you will learn step-by-step methods to “clean up Outlook Calendar“.

How To Remove items from your Outlook Calendar?

The below step will guide you to remove Outlook Calendar entries/events:

  • Lunch Microsoft Outlook
  • Click to Calendar Tab from the navigation section, button left hand of the screen.

Calendar Tab Outlook

  • Click to View Tab at the upper left-hand corner >> Change View >> List

Remove items from your Outlook Calendar

  • View the complete list of events (on time and recurring) on the right-hand section of the screen and you can also select the calendar, in case you are using multiple email addresses.

The list consists of on-time and recurring events, (recurring event never treated as old, until it crosses the end date). Users can identify a recurring appointment under a recurring pattern.

recurring pattern outlook

  • Select the multiple outlook calendar event, Click [Ctrl + A], Use [Shift key and drop arrow key] until your selection and you can also use your [Mouse and Shift key] to select multiple events to delete.

Note: Clicking on the Start column arrange all your calendar items in chronological order. you can select events you like to delete to the specific date accordingly.

How To Remove items from your Outlook Calendar

  •  Simply click the delete key to remove all or selected events from your calendar. you can also use the mouse right key and click delete to remove the appointments.

Finding and selecting the individual event from the Outlook calendar is the real issue.

How To Delete Old Appointments in Outlook Using Archive Function

Archive function is a professional approach to execute and remove old events making a backup of them with Outlook.

Let’s dive in:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click the File tab from the top left corner of the screen >> info.
  • Click the Tools Title and select the Mailbox cleanup option.

Archive Old Calendar Items

  • The archive dialog box pops up, select the email address and click Calendar folder.
  • Select date under Archive items older than drop-down, (you can freeze selection using date your select).

archive folder

By default Older date is recommended 3 months back, you can change it according to your requirement. Click the browse button to select the location to save the archive file, and finally click OK to complete the process. Calendar events fall under specific criteria removed from the calendar and saved in your specified location.

Luckily, Keeping a copy of unwanted events of past appointments method using archive is a real game-changer for us. The process lighter the memory and space and keep Outlook working smoothly. This article covers all related methods to remove Outlook Calendar.

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