How to customize the theme and formatting for Outlook Mail? (Creating Stationary)

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Microsoft Office background holds a default theme and color, which can be modified and changed according to the requirement of the user.

All this (background color, theme, font size, styles, font theme, etc), you can term stationary in Outlook.

In today’s digital age, personalizing our virtual spaces has become as pivotal as customizing our physical environments.

Microsoft Outlook, recognizing the value of individual expression and ease of readability, offers a myriad of “Outlook email themes” to cater to every user’s unique preference.

Whether you’re aiming to inspire professionalism, showcase creativity, or simply want your email interface to resonate with your personality, Outlook’s diverse “Outlook email themes” promise to transform your emailing experience.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the vibrant world of “Outlook email themes,” ensuring your digital correspondence stands out just as much as you do.

In this article, we will learn complete details on ~

  • How to change the background color in Outlook?
  • How to edit stationery in Outlook?
  • How to import stationery templates to Outlook?
  • How to add and create Stationery in Outlook?
  • How to customize category colors in Outlook?
  • How to change stationary in outlook?
  • And multiple hidden queries.

We all have noticed an email message received from a specific brand or a company the content writing is great but what if they design their email which forces the recipient to react?

The default theme and color and font are standard and common for every user. Let’s step ahead.

How To Change Outlook Theme?

Stationary backgrounds for Outlook required simple steps to modify, Outlook default settings include a “white” background, Font size “11“, and Font style “Calibri“.

Outlook consists of the default setting, here are a few steps on how Outlook changes the background color for a single email message you’re creating.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click Home >> New Items >> E-mail messages using >> more stationary
outlook change background color
  • Step 2 – The theme dialog box presents a few unique designs already build; you can choose according to your choice.
outlook email background

You can select the theme from the left-hand side and check the preview on the right-hand side, click ok after finalization of your theme and background.

Check the small video below –

  • Step 3 – This will allow you to change Outlook themes for the single mail you create. You can theme your selected theme and background by clicking

After the selection of the theme if you like to change or remove the theme, repeat the process, select “No theme” from the left-hand portion, and click Ok. you will gain get the default theme. 

How to change the theme of Microsoft Outlook (all email)?

How to change stationery in Outlook, or you can say How to Customize the Theme and Formatting for Outlook Mail?

Changing the layout for the entire email the email address required internal modification which will be implemented for all the emails you create from that email address.

Before diving in first I like to clear one question “What is theme or stationery in outlook for” – The theme is a layout or a kind of blueprint which you select or create (which you will understand later in this article) for creating your email, every theme consist of different font size, background color, background image, font design, etc)

Here is the step-by-step guide to customizing outlook:

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click File >> Options
  • Step 2 – Outlook options dialog box appears >> Click mail on the lefthand side >> Stationery and Fonts.
how to use publisher as stationary for outlook

How to use Publisher as stationery for Outlook

  • Step 3 – It will walk you through the signatures and stationary dialog box. There are multiple options to modify your theme as well as customize changes to the theme for replies and forwards.
email staionery
  • The first option is ” Theme or stationery for new HTML e-mail message” – You will again get the same bunch of themes, select according to your choice.
unable to open stationery and fonts

You can see three options on the left-hand bottom of the dialog box.

  1. Vivid Colour – Vivid color brings a better contrast to your content.
  2. Active Graphics – Adding graphics in-line (that means “in the body of the email”). Always check if you ever insert pictures, have an image in your signature, or use emojis.
  3. Background Image – Some of the themes have a background image that is used in the body of the mail. If you just want the font changes and not the image, uncheck it.
  • Next after the selection of a theme, the outlook view changed itself, just below there are three options available.
outlook view changed itself

If you select ” Use theme Font”, you are instructing Outlook to automate the theme in all the messages like (New, reply & forwarding), under this scenario, you are not allowed to click the font button of (new mail & reply or forwarded).

email stationary for outlook

Use my font on replying or forwarding messages that allow you to click the font button and you can modify as well if you select always use my fonts you can modify both new emails & reply or forwarding messages by clicking the font button.

outlook express stationery

You can also pick your color while replying to or forwarding mail.

how do i create stationery in outlook

When you’ve made whatever changes you want, click OK to finish.

How do I remove stationary from Outlook email?

Outlook removes stationary, you have to set the default setting by clicking no theme, here is a step-by-step process.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click File >> Options
  • Step 2 – Outlook options dialog box appears >> Click mail on the lefthand side >> Stationery and Fonts.
  • Step 3 – Select No theme and save.
Outlook remove stationary

Simply just like that, you are back to the default theme. you can also edit stationery by applying the same steps and clicking OK.

How to Create a Customized Theme in Outlook?

Customizing your theme begins with creating and configuring its formats and saving the template.

Here is the step-by-step guideline for creating an Outlook stationery email template.

  • Step 1 – Open Microsoft Outlook >> Click New mail

How to change the background color in Outlook?

Background Color Basics in Outlook

Understanding Color Options

In Outlook, we have various color options to choose from when customizing the background color of our messages.

We can select from predefined colors, create custom colors, or even use gradients, textures, patterns, and images to personalize our emails further.

These options help us create visually appealing messages tailored to our personal preferences and style.

To change the background color of a message, we can simply place the cursor in the message body and then navigate to the Options tab in the toolbar.

From there, we click on Page Color to access color choices, including the ability to choose more color options if needed.

Alternatively, we can change the default color theme used in Outlook to set the overall look and feel of the application by going to File > Options > General and selecting a color option from the Office Theme dropdown menu.

How to change background color in Outlook

How To Edit Stationery in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook standard font size “11“, font style “Calibri” Changing, you can change according to your requirement.

Click New mail >> messages >> click the dropdown button and you can select your font, (for instance bookman old style).

How to change font size in Outlook

Click the font size drop-down and adjust your font size accordingly.

how to increase font size in outlook

Your email template theme is ready, now you can easily save your theme and import the template in Outlook.

Save the Outlook template as HTML

Once your template is ready you have to save the email template in your system. It is especially important to save the template in a particular location and specific file name.

Why a specific location?

To use your email template, you have to add your template with other email templates available in Outlook.

  • Click File >> save as >> copy and paste
  • These will redirect you and save your file directly in the template area of Outlook.
Create Your Own Theme
  • Name your theme and select the HTML file.
outlook font size too small
  • Click Save, and your new theme will now be available for you to select, either for individual messages or as the default.

How to use publisher as stationery for Outlook?

You can simply check your email template in Outlook theme just click to file >> options >> mail >> find mailsmartly theme (you can also check the preview of the template) >> click OK, now by default whenever you create a new mail your customized email template will appear.

How to use publisher as stationery for outlook

This article almost covers every aspect of email stationeries.


In the constantly evolving realm of digital communication, the way we present ourselves matters immensely. Just as we dress to impress in the physical world, our digital platforms, particularly our email interfaces, deserve the same attention and finesse.

Microsoft Outlook’s “Outlook email themes” offer users an unparalleled opportunity to not only enhance the readability of their inboxes but also to reflect their personal style and identity.

By personalizing your Outlook with a chosen theme, you’re not just selecting a background or a color scheme. You’re setting a tone, creating a mood, and asserting your digital personality.

Whether you opt for a sleek, professional design or a vibrant, creative layout, you’re making a statement about who you are and how you approach your digital tasks.

In the grand tapestry of online communication, it’s these personal touches that set us apart, allowing our unique qualities to shine through.

So, dive deep into the rich palette of “Outlook email themes” and ensure that your digital correspondence not only stands out but truly represents the essence of you. After all, in a world full of generic emails, be the personalized masterpiece.

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