How To Bookmark in Outlook Email? [Table of Contents: TOC]

Bookmark every user not only Microsoft Outlook is aware of if you really don’t know about a bookmark, and how email bookmarking works, you are at the right place.

Before diving in first understand:

What is Bookmark?

Bookmarking is the digital process to highlight anchor links in outlook email messages or hyperlinking within an email which on clicking walk you directly to that related content.

Bookmark links in Outlook [How to Create and How it Works?]

In this article you will learn, “How to add bookmarks in Microsoft Outlook”, Some already familiar with the table of contents in outlook email, it will directly bring you to that desired content once you click on the link. 

Table of contents (ToC) is designed on the top of the content in a summarised way, which walks you through directly to that topic without scrolling and searching for it.

Let’s dive in to understand the step by step process:

  • Lunch Outlook >> Click to a new email message from the home ribbon.
  • Go to Insert Tab, locate the Bookmark button in the group of Links. [ref: snapshot]

bookmark links in outlook

  • In the message window, create your content in the message body, select the location put your mouse cursor at the place where you would like to add a bookmark.

table of contents in outlook email

  • Add name in the bookmark name and simply hit add, it will automatically close the window.

You can use the bookmarks to jump to a specific location in Outlook messages. Without hyperlink your bookmark whatever you did above is blank.

If you send this email message to your recipient, that bookmark is blank to him.

How To Bookmark Links in Outlook?

Apart from a bookmark, you could also link the selected texts to a specific bookmark, which looks like a clickable index (popularly known as the table of contents ) in Outlook messages.

This method looks familiar to the recipient and your email reader easily jump to specific content, as we all have experienced while searching on google, some of the beautiful articles consists of a table of contents, which directly drops you and that related story.

Here I will share my personal case study:

I am a blogger and use to publish an article on Microsoft Outlook, I shared one of my article to another publisher.

I created an email message using both “bookmark” & “hyperlink” for my reader to be comfortable.

How I link to a bookmark in my Outlook Email?

In addition to the above bookmark process, you can also skip to a specific bookmark by adding a hyperlink to the bookmark.

That will be the complete process that works for your reader. I used Table of contents that will add hyperlink to the specific bookmark.

How I link to a bookmark in my Outlook Email

Refer Snapshot: Its time to link both the bookmark terms and Hyperlink introduction (TOC) with each other:

  • Select the Table of content text and then right-click it and choose Hyperlink from the context menu.

email index

  • Select the place in this document, now pick the bookmark name from the list.
  • Hit OK, it will successfully link your defined bookmark to the clickable index (TOC). You can also see the hyperlink on that content, When the cursor is put on the selected text, a tooltip will show up.

table of contents in outlook

After designing all your requirements, you can send the email message to your recipient, and your recipient simply hit that hyperlink along with the Ctrl key and directly jumped to that bookmark you adjusted. That the beauty of Outlook.

Auto Bookmark in Outlook

While creating your content in the email message using actual heading style before the paragraph, Outlook automatically creates the bookmarks for them, you only have to index links. 

Auto Bookmark in Outlook

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