How To Add Voting Buttons in Outlook? [Create Poll with Multiple Options]

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Recently I received a mail message from my corporate office regarding my meeting agenda, The meeting is about new product lunch on the national level, there must be all-important people available at the meeting.

The entire day is occupied in the meeting, lunch and evening tea are included in the meeting.

At the bottom of the mail, we all must select outlook voting buttons multiple choices or vote, whether we are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Our selection brings a clear picture of the catering service to arrange hustle-free arrangements.

In the article, you will understand how to create a poll in outlook with multiple options.

How to create a voting poll in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook not only creates a poll but also creates a survey through the email vote button, you can also send your poll via email in Outlook.

Here, in this guide, you can also understand How to create a survey in Outlook?

Creating a voting poll in outlook email is just your school day multiple answer paper, in which you must select the right option and submit.

Let’s understand step by step guide with pictures.

  • Step 1 Open Microsoft Outlook >> Click New Mail from the Home tab (shortcut alt HN from your keyboard)
  • Step 2 Switch over to the Options tab >> click the Use Voting Buttons option under the drop-down menu.
create a poll in outlook
  • Step 3 There are some options by default available in outlook if your requirement meets with the options click direct on or click custom to design according to your requirement.
outlook voting buttons choose more than one
  • Step 4 Tracking and Voting Options consist of Use Voting buttons, whatever answers, or options you required your receiver you can easily type separated by semicolons.
outlook vote
  • Step 5 – Close the dialog box, you can see the small message on the top of from button.
outlook voting buttons in message body
  • Step 6 – Finally you can send the email to your sender along with all required content.

How to respond to a vote in outlook?

The first phase is completed, and the second phase required guidance on how to respond using the voting button option in outlook.

There are several questions:

  • Voting buttons in the outlook for the receiver
  • How the sender makes the record of the vote

Let’s start with a simple issue!

The receiver of the mail gets an additional message advising them to respond by using the vote button. That Vote button appears to vote for your choice.

How to respond to vote in outlook
Respond voting in outlook

After you selected your vote, a box pops up verifying the poll response, you can also edit if required or click OK.

custom poll in outlook

At the same time, the sender also received a mail revealing your vote.

How To View Voting Results in Outlook?

It is a beautiful model Microsoft Outlook arrange for users, for keeping your track of records, you can also easily view voting responses and check the number of response and their voting outlook results.

voting outlook results

What Is the Use of the Voting Button in Outlook?

Emailing is the best way to reach your client, employee, or your followers. Create a custom poll in Outlook for your followers to say you are a blogger, a financial one and you like to publish an article for your followers that can be fruitful for them.

You may bite confused because you are surrounded by multiple topics, in that scenario outlook vote helps you select your topic.

You can email and ask your followers what kind of article they are expecting from you, and you can give them a selection option, and here it is.

How To Export outlook voting results to excel?

Exporting your result is very easy to excel select all voting results by selecting anyone voting result, and then press the Ctrl + A at the same time, press Ctrl + C.

Open a separate excel sheet and click Ctrl + V, your result is exported now it’s very easy to do all your R&D with your results.

Voting button not visible in outlook + How to Fix it?

Although some users Can’t see voting buttons in outlook or you can see outlook voting buttons missing, you can easily fix it. Here is the step-by-step path.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Click New Mail from the Home tab (shortcut alt HN from your keyboard).
  • Click File >> Option >> Customised Ribbon

You can clearly observe that the voting button is not there, [why am I checking the option, because the voting button is supposed to be there].

unable to see voting buttons in outlook 

Unable to see voting buttons in outlook [fix it]!

Customize Voting Buttons In Outlook
  • Click File >> Option >> Customised Ribbon
  • Go to ‘choose commands from‘ and click the dropdown button >> Select Main Tabs.
Voting button not visible in outlook
  • You can see a few options; all you must do is click options >> Select tracking and finally click add.
tracking option in outlook
  • Finally, the Tracking button is added to the options tab, you can verify by checking the right side.
outlook voting
  • Click OK and your voting button flashback into the options tab of the new mail page.
tracking button in outlook

How to Customize multiple-choice voting buttons with checkboxes in Outlook?

We have learned in the above method how to customize voting buttons in Outlook, it allows a single choice shown in the message header.

There are three more questions many people are asking:

  • How to add outlook voting buttons in the Email message body?
  • Can the Outlook voting option choose more than one?
  • Outlook survey multiple questions Is it possible?

As you know, the voting buttons are single-choice and shown in the message header with the above method. However, sometimes you may just want to add the voting buttons in the message body.

These features are easily operated through kutools in outlook.

Some users are complaining of the outlook voting button tracking not working, it is better to restart outlook which can fix any glitches in the system.

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