How To Add Holidays in Outlook Calendar?

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If you are missing to take benefit of your upcoming holiday, it is a particularly good chance you have not used the future in the Microsoft Outlook calendar, it makes everything smooth for you. Remembering and reminding both are important.

In this article, you will learn “how to create outlook calendar holidays”.

Initially, the Outlook calendar is clean and has no holiday listed. You must add manually.

You can easily add all holiday calendars of specified countries and copy the holidays to the second/public/all calendars easily.

Here is the step-by-step tutorial.

Microsoft Outlook is a global platform; every user is required to update their own country holiday into their system to keep track of regular holidays.

To add holidays to your Outlook calendar:calendar outlook

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click File >> Click Options
  • Step 2 – Options dialog box appears, click Calendar in the left bar, and then click Add Holidays button

how to add religious holidays to outlook calendar

  • There is every country’s calendar holiday available in Outlook [Scroll up and down and find your holidays on outlook calendarlocation], all you must do is select, you can also select multiple countries according to your requirement and click OK.
  • So far, all holidays of the specified location (country name) have been added to the default calendar of the default email account in Outlook already.

How to add custom holidays to the calendar

  • Once you’ve added holidays to your Outlook calendar, they will appear in the Calendar desktop app that accompanies Outlook.

add holidays to public calendar in outlook

How to add custom holidays to the Outlook calendar?

Add holiday feature only include holiday of the country in your outlook calendar, what if you want to add custom holidays. There is a feature outlook import custom holidays, here is the step-by-step guide.

How to add holidays to the Outlook calendar? it is just like adding a custom template and adding it to outlook templates.

Most companies have their own set of holidays on top of national ones. Hr department distributes to their employee accordingly to the area.

If you look closely, MS outlook by default set a bunch of holiday lists installed in their system with the extension file of [.hol], this file can be found in the following path:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\1033\Outlook.hol

The file contains: [for instance]

[United States] 8
Christmas Day,2016/12/25
Christmas Day,2017/12/25
Christmas Day,2018/12/25
Christmas Day,2019/12/25
Christmas Day,2020/12/25
Christmas Day,2021/12/25
Christmas Day,2022/12/25
Christmas Eve,2023/12/24

For the purpose to add a custom Holiday calendar, follow the steps.

In this, you can create your own [.hol] file, which was later uploaded to Outlook.

  • Open Notepad
  • [Your company’s US Holidays 2017]8
    NEW YEAR’S DAY,2020/01/01
    NEW YEAR’S EVE,2020/01/02
    MEMORIAL DAY,2020/05/29
    INDEPENDENCE DAY,2020/07/04
    LABOR DAY,2020/09/04
    THANKSGIVING DAY,2020/11/23
    CHRISTMAS DAY,2020/12/25

Note: – 8 is the number of holidays listed. It is especially important to keep this format intact, no change space excepted, wise you must encounter the error.

  • Once the above content is entered in notepad, save the file with [.hol] extension.

How to save a notepad file with (.hol) extension?

Once your file is ready, click to save as from the File tab.

How to save notepad file with (.hol) extension

Creating your Own Outlook Calendar Files

Important Note: – Filename must be “.hol” only no other alphabet or space will be used select All Files in the type of section and click save.

  • Now you have your customized list of holidays saved in your computer hardware with (.hol) file extension.
  • Simply double-click the file a popup appears select your list and click OK. Your holidays are added to your calendar you can cross-check in your calendar.

Add Holidays to your Office

The human resources section creates (.hol) file for different branches state-wise and easily mail to their employee, they can save the holiday list in their outlook.

How To Remove Holidays from Outlook Calendar?

Delete holidays from the Outlook list individually is a very time-consuming process, here you can check an effortless way to remove duplicate or selective holiday entries in Microsoft Outlook followed by a few steps.

After your country selection, the lists grab their respective dates and sat on the dates.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click Calendar from navigation section
  • Step 2 – Click View Tab >> Change View >> List

Remove holidays to Outlook calendar

  • Click Category from the arrangement group. This will sort all of your events by category.

how to remove holidays from outlook calendar 2019

  • Scroll through the list and select the category name of Holiday >> Click the right button on the mouse

Remove all holiday entries from a calendar

  • Click Delete, all the holiday available in outlook with the category holiday is deleted.

Once you’ve completed the steps, people who also have access to the shared calendar will be able to see the updates.

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