How To Add Holiday, TV, and Sports Schedule in Outlook Web/PWA Calendar?

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The holiday season is upon us, and everyone is getting excited about planning festive parties, spending time with loved ones, and celebrating the end of the year.

While the holidays are a time to celebrate, they can also be stressful. If you’re like most people, you already have a lot of things planned for the next month.

If you’re struggling to find time to fit everything into your schedule, it may be time to start planning your calendar.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is one of the smartest calendars, where you can easily add Holiday, TV, and Sports Schedule, which later remind you accordingly.

Add Holiday, TV, and Sports Schedule in Outlook Web

Back in college, I still remember how difficult it was to remember the upcoming scheduled TV show and sports match, then I realize Microsoft Outlook help me remind the upcoming events.

Let’s dive in and understand step by step guide:

Earlier you learned a complete tutorial on How To Add Holidays in Outlook App Calendar?“.

Outlook web consists of some inbuilt features of Holiday, TV, and Sports which were easily added to Calendar with a single click.

Add Holiday in Outlook Web

  • Open Outlook web online, sign in, and click the Calendar icon on the left pane.
Add Holiday, TV, and Sports Schedule in Outlook Web
  • Click “Add Calendar“, just below the month calendar.
  • In the Add Calendar window, select an option from the left side.

Let’s start with Holiday~

Add Holiday in outlook web

Click on Holidays, once you click on holiday, a list of countries/locations listed alphabetically in outlook appears, you can select single or multiple countries at a time, which is automatically added to your calendar.

list of country calendar web

You can also type the name of the country in the search bar to jump directly to select. Once you select the country, the name of the country is visible under My Calendars on the left-hand navigation section.

Apart from that, the complete list of holiday months is added to the calendar, for instance, “Mother’s Day”, “Peace off” & “Memorial Day”.

Note: You can check for the next month also.

Sports Schedule in Outlook Web

Once your calendar is added, there are a few options available like rename, remove, change color, and many more, Clik on the three-dot on the right-hand side of the calendar name.

Remove international calendar

Add Sports in Outlook Web

Next is choose Sports~

  • Open Outlook web online, sign in and click the Calendar icon on the left pane.
  • Click “Add Calendar“, just below the month calendar.
  • In the Add Calendar window, select an option from the left side.
  • Click on Sports.
sports in outlook web

Depending on your location, you may see suggestions for teams around you in the Sports section. But you can also select a popular league or view them all.

sports list in outlook web

You can select your favorite team or sports leagues around you, and then check the box for each team you want to follow.

cricket lounge outlook

For instance, I selected the Indian Premier League, which open up the list of teams available there. I once again select Mumbai Indians.

indian premium loauge outlook

Finally, a list of matches was added to the calendar.

cricket lounge calendar added outlook
  • For a more detailed view select the date, hover, or double click on it, and some additional information will be displayed like timing, venue, and many more.
event added in calendar

Add TV Schedule in Outlook Web

Apart from the above holiday and sports schedule, you can add a schedule for your favorite television show, click on the Add Calendar button in the Calendar Navigation. Here you can select from TV schedules and events.

Select TV on the left navigation pane, you’ll then pick a time zone, choose a channel, and check the box for each TV show.

time zone outlook
list of shows outlook
list of channels outlook

Once again, your specific show is added to the Outlook calendar. When the small event window opens, you can click the View Event arrow on the top right for more options.

Whether you addict to TV Show or love to see football, baseball, or game shows, the above method helps you add your favorites to your Outlook calendar to stay up to date.


In conclusion, in this article, we have shared the steps for creating new calendar events with holidays and sports events.

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