How to add Email Signature in Outlook 365?

Signature in outlook 365 brings professional results to the reader, short message content information like your contact details, address, or even your website address.

You can also add your profile, name of the company along with logo, you can add automatically to all outgoing messages or manually to specific ones.

How to add signature in outlook 365

Microsoft Office 365 is becoming increasingly popular for organizations individual or consultant because the user not required their personal computer or laptop.

Outlook Web App allows the user to create a signature, here is the step by step guide ~

  • Open your outlook 365 account, type in the URL.
  • Click the Setting icon create signature in outlook online on the top of the right-hand side of the screen.
  • View all outlook settings.
  •  Click Mail >> Compose and reply

add signature in outlook 365

  • You can create your signature and the toolbar allows you to format your signature with fonts, colors, and size.

outlook web app signatures

  • Outlook web app signatures option automatically include your signature in each email (new message or forward or reply) if you check the box (refer snapshot). Or you can leave unchecked if you add the signature manually.
  • Click Save

# If you want your signature to appears in every new email you compose, select the first option “Automatically include my signature on new messages that I compose“.

# If you want your signature to appears in every mail you reply or forward, select the second option “Automatically include my signature on messages I forward or reply to“.

Note:- you can select either or both options at a time.

How to insert a manual signature in outlook 365?

In case you have not opted for either of the options, you can manually add your signature which you have created.

Here is the guide with pictures.

  • Open >> Click New message
  • Create your message and then choose More actions on the bottom of the message pane.
  • Click Insert signature and finally send your message.

how to change signature in outlook

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