How Does Microsoft Outlook Help Bloggers and Vloggers?

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In today’s digital landscape, bloggers and vloggers are at the forefront of content creation, constantly striving for efficiency and productivity in their bustling schedules.

For many, Microsoft Outlook emerges not just as an email client but as an indispensable tool to manage communications, schedules, and even content planning.

In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into how Outlook seamlessly integrates into the life of a blogger or vlogger, enhancing their workflow and enabling them to stay ahead of the curve.

Whether it’s about managing brand collaborations, scheduling posts, or staying in touch with their audience, Outlook offers a plethora of features tailored to cater to the unique needs of these digital mavens.

Dive in with us as we unpack the magic behind Outlook’s offerings for the blogging and vlogging community!

Basic Blogger/Vlogger Problems and how Outlook helps?

Bloggers often juggle a multitude of tasks and challenges. Blogging isn’t a one-off activity; it requires continuous brainstorming for fresh content, revisiting and enhancing older posts, and more.

I personally manage five content-based websites. My primary challenge lies in reviewing older content; with such a vast array of articles, managing them becomes quite daunting.

Primary Challenges While Improving Articles?

First, let me outline the primary challenges I encounter when reviewing old articles:

  1. Prioritizing articles for review – This is subjective, but tools like Google Search Console can be invaluable in identifying articles that might just need a slight boost.
  2. Enumerating the tasks to be done on the articles, such as supplementing them with additional content, incorporating more H2 and H3 headings, inserting images, adding tables, updating any relevant metrics, and reviewing both internal and external links. Additionally, consider including frequently asked questions.
  3. Incorporating essential keywords, refining the language, and enhancing grammar, among other improvements.

Way to Outlook!

Once you’ve updated your articles and added supplementary information,

what’s next?

Do you simply wait for a month or two?

And the pressing question is, will you actually remember to review them once again?

The honest answer is No.

I can’t always recall which articles I’ve worked on and the specific changes I’ve made.

So, how do I monitor the performance of the articles post-improvement?

To manage this, I personally rely on Microsoft Outlook for assistance.

How Outlook Helps Me?

Outlook offers a suite of features including email, calendar, tasks, and contacts.

Among these, the calendar stands out as an invaluable tool that allows users to schedule events, such as reviewing a specific article.

Outlook ensures you’re reminded of these events until you acknowledge them.

Let’s explore deeper

Microsoft Outlook assists bloggers and vloggers in planning new content and reviewing older material through its calendar reminders. Whenever I publish a new article or YouTube video,

I create an appointment in Outlook, naming the subject after the post or video’s URL. I then set a date around 20-40 days later for a review and save the appointment.

This task gets added to my Outlook calendar, and on the designated day, I receive a reminder notification from the Outlook application.

It’s ultimately my decision to act on the reminder, but I take it very seriously.

I’ve noticed some notable responses and changes after publishing based on these reminders.

Understand Step by Step:

For new users, navigating the Outlook interface might seem challenging at first.

To begin, open Outlook and click on the ‘Home‘ tab located in the top left corner of the screen.

This will display various options. In the ‘New‘ section, click on the dropdown menu next to ‘New Items‘ and select ‘Appointment‘.

This action opens the appointment window, where you can input details. Enter the URL in the subject field or create a custom subject.

Set the start date and time and check the ‘All Day’ box to ensure you receive reminders until you take action.

In the message section, include pertinent details or an agenda you want to review or address.

Few things I personally add to the message board:

  • First, determine if your article has been indexed. Often, when we publish an article, its indexing depends on various factors. It’s crucial to ascertain the indexing status of your piece.
  • Secondly, examine the keywords your article is ranking for using Google Search Console. You can incorporate or emphasize these keywords in your article. Adding additional information can enhance the quality of your article and ultimately increase its clicks.

There are many other steps you can take to review your articles or the videos you upload on YouTube.

My Personal Experience

I launched this blog two years ago, and I’ve recently decided to revisit and enhance my older articles.

I’ve compiled a list of articles that have the potential for improvement and increased clicks.

Now, whenever I publish a new piece or update an old one, I add it to an Outlook appointment set for two months later.

This serves as a reminder for me to assess the article’s progress.

Final Words

In the dynamic digital landscape, both bloggers and vloggers are continuously juggling a myriad of tasks, from content creation to audience engagement.

Amidst this whirlwind of activities, organizational tools become crucial. Microsoft Outlook, more than just an email client, emerges as an essential ally.

Its features, like the calendar, task management, and reminders, allow content creators to schedule, plan, and reassess their work systematically.

As they publish new content or revise older material, Outlook’s reminders can play a pivotal role in ensuring a timely review and maximizing engagement.

In essence, Microsoft Outlook is not just about managing emails but also about streamlining a creator’s workflow, making their content journey both productive and efficient.

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