How to Change the Date and Time Format in Outlook? [Emails in Folders]

When you received an email in your inbox, the date and time mentioned on the right side of the email notification are by default adjusted by Outlook in the format “best fit” and going down to a week later the format changes to “DD MM YYYY”.

Microsoft Outlook globally used the regional default setting is different.

You can change the date and time format according to your requirement, In this article, you will learn step by step process to change the “date and time format”.

Steps to Change Outlook Date/Time Format

You can modify your date and time format (date display format) from your inbox folder, follow the steps:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Select the folder (inbox, send, trash, etc.)
  • Click on View Tab >> View setting.

view setting outlook

  • Advanced View Settings dialog box, Click Format Columns.

advanced view setting

  • Another dialog box “Format column” appears. >> Select received from the left navigation section.
  • Click on the drop-down list in the format column.

format colomn outlook

  • Select your specific format and click Ok.

Apart from this, you can also adjust the alignment (left, center & right).

The difference in both the format is clear:

old date format outlook                              new date format outlook

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Change Outlook Date/Time Format in Outlook 2003

Outlook 2003 is an old version and approaching to “Advanced view setting” dialog box is quite different: Follow the step:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 2003
  • Click View >> Arrange by >> Custom

Change Outlook DateTime Format in Outlook 2003

  • An advanced view setting dialog box appears and further steps are similar to above.

Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders

Note: you can only change the date format of a specific mail folder according to the above steps. If you want to apply the same date format to multiple mail folders,

You have to change the date format of one mail folder first and then apply the current view to all other mail folders.

Click View >> Change view >> Click Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders.

apply current view to other mail folder

Reset current view

In case you need to reset the Outlook date format to the original, select the folder >> click view setting >> Click reset view setting from the advanced view setting dialog box (refer: the image below)

reset view setting

Change Outlook Date in Outlook web

You can change your language, date and time format, and time zone in settings.

  • Open Outlook web (
  • Select your folder >> Click on setting (gear logo) on the right top corner of the screen.

Setting logo

Outlook web settings

  • Select date format from the dropdown list.

select date format outlook web

Click save and instantly you can see the result the email on your folder dates format changes according to your choice.

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