How do you highlight text using the background color with the highlighter in Outlook?

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The purpose of highlighting a specific section of text is to draw the reader’s attention to that particular text.

If something is highlighted and you receive an email with that highlighted text or area, it indicates that there is something you need to focus on or the sender wants you to check out that text.

In this article, I will guide you through the process of highlighting text using the background color with the highlighter tool in Outlook Classic, the new Outlook, as well as Outlook on the web.

Highlight Text

Highlighting text in Outlook involves two steps.

Firstly, you need to select the specific text or word.

To do this in your Outlook email, there are two methods for selecting the desired text or area: one is by using your mouse’s left button to click and drag without releasing the button, and the other is by utilizing a keyboard shortcut, which is Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow or Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow, depending on the direction you wish to select.

Once you have selected the line, paragraph, or text, it will be automatically highlighted in dark grey, indicating that the area is selected and ready for action.

Step By Step Method to Highlight Text

Once you have created the email, then select the text using any of the available options mentioned above.

I prefer using my mouse to select the text, which then prompts the Mini Toolbar to appear.

This toolbar offers a variety of common formatting options, including font style, size, and color, as well as bold and italic options, among others.

In the Mini Toolbar, one of the options is the highlighter pen, which is easy to identify by its pen-shaped icon.

By default, the highlighter color is set to yellow, but you can choose from different colors by clicking on the dropdown menu.

Once you’ve selected your desired color and clicked on it, the text you previously selected will be automatically highlighted.

Note: – Many users find it challenging to locate the Mini Toolbar. This issue often arises when you select text to highlight with the marker pen but miss the Mini Toolbar because it is disabled. To resolve this, you need to follow a few simple steps in the background settings to enable this feature. Let’s explore how you can enable the Mini Toolbar.

If you’re still experiencing issues with the Mini Toolbar, don’t worry—there’s another way to highlight your text.

Once you’ve selected the text, navigate to the “Message” tab on the ribbon above.

In the “Basic Text” section, you’ll find all the options that are available in the Mini Toolbar.

Here, you can use the same highlighter function.

If you wish to change the color, simply use the dropdown menu to select a new highlight color for your text.

Highlight Text in New Outlook and Web

As we all are aware, the NEW Outlook and Outlook on the WEB share many similarities.

If you are using either platform and need to highlight text with the marker pen, the steps are largely the same as those discussed in the previous examples.

However, due to the differences in their interfaces, there is a slight variation.

Let’s delve into the step-by-step method to understand how to do this effectively.

In, when you select text, an editing bar (Mini Toolbar) will appear above the selected text.

From there, select the highlight tool to apply the effect to your text.

Alternatively, you can access the Formatting toolbar located at the top of the message window, select “Highlight,” and then choose your desired highlight color.

Remove Highlight from Text

If you’ve selected the wrong highlighter color or wish to remove the highlighting from your text, the process is quite similar.

First, select the portion of text you have previously highlighted, then click on the dropdown and choose “No Color.”

Alternatively, you can use “Ctrl + A” to select the entire text, instead of just the specific section you’ve highlighted.

This action will remove the highlighting from your text. Moreover, you can change the color by repeating this process and selecting a new highlight color.

Wrap Up

Some users have reported issues that they “can’t highlight text in Outlook“. The best solution for this problem is to restart Outlook or reboot your computer. This action will eliminate any technical glitches, allowing your software to function normally once again.

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