How To Export Outlook Emails to Excel with Date and Time? [Using Copy/Paste]

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How often do you get emails every day from clients or friends? Maybe you want to sync them into Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, or other cloud storage platforms.

Or maybe you want to save these files locally, so they are easily accessible in case you need to refer back to them later.

Either way, converting those email attachments (which can sometimes contain quite large file sizes) into something more manageable and easier to view on screen can prove to be a real challenge.

There are several methods you can choose from when exporting Outlook emails to Excel. One such method involves the use of Microsoft Office Online Web Apps.

Through these tools, you can manually export emails onto Excel spreadsheets using either the browser or desktop version of Microsoft Office 365.

This article introduces a new technique where you can automate the process of exporting Outlook emails to Excel spreadsheet format and save them as an attachment.

This helps you manage your emails efficiently without having to open each email individually.

Talking about exporting your email messages, the first option that hits everybody’s mind is the import/export (.pst) file. This option is best to transfer your Outlook data to another computer.

Most of the users are excel friendly and use it to drag any data or information into excel to analyze the result and found specific outcomes.

Why is Microsoft outlook data running behind? Here in this article, you will learn step by step process to export outlook emails to excel with the date and time.

Date and time mean we are talking about a specific range of email messages in your inbox:

Find Email with Specific Date

Finding an email from a specific date range usually required two dates, enter those dates in the search bar and the result is on your screen.

For instance: If you like to search mail for the specific date range say – 25/11/2019 to 30/04/2020, Type [received:25/11/2019..30/04/2020] into the search bar and you will get the results instantly.

Explore more about this topic: Click Here How to Search Email by Date Outlook?

You will get the result on your screen in descending order. [Refer: Snapshot]

Find Email With Specific Date 

Export Outlook Emails to Excel [Step by Step Process]

In continuation to the above step, basic information is ready, it’s time to copy and paste the data into an excel spreadsheet.

  • Press Ctrl + A to select the whole bunch of emails.
  • Press Ctrl + C to copy all the selected email messages.
  • Open the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, paste by (pressing Ctrl + V) the data on your desired location by selecting a specific cell on the sheet, and select one cell from a sheet.
  • The whole data is pasted with headers copied from Outlook. You can check the data date-wise by scrolling down the sheet.
Export Outlook Emails to Excel with Date and Time
  •   You can finally analyze & workout on the data available with excel.

You have exported the emails in the specific date range using the copy-paste technic. This technic is a primary method that allows work in some specific analysis work.

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