How to Embed Video in Outlook Email?

Embed Video in Outlook Email technically reveals two meanings, first Video didn’t have a link, or it’s a link-based video.

Microsoft Outlook application (versions including 2007, 2010, 2013, and above) does not support embedding video in emails.

There are few methods available, you can easily embed video in your email message body.

  • Embed a video in Outlook emails by linking it to a picture
  • Add video to Outlook emails by inserting it as an attachment (a common method).

Here in this article, I will walk you through the step-by-step methods to make this happen.

How To Embed Video in Outlook using Image?

In a normal state copy any youtube video and paste it into your message body, help you send the link to your recipient, but it’s not considered as embedded. Follow these steps:

Add Hyperlink to Image in Outlook

Once your image is set, click the right mouse button to add Hyperlink to the image.

How to hyperlink images in Outlook

Insert Hyperlink window pops up, which consists of multiple keys the user got confused about it, but it’s quite simple.

Click on the Existing file or web page from the left portion of the window, enter the desired video link for your hyperlink image, in the Address field:

existing file and web page

Click ok to finish, the receiver easily clicks on the image and reaches the desired video.

Send video (commonly .mp4 format) to Outlook emails by inserting it as an attachment

The most common method to send video through Outlook email message as an attachment, Outlook restricts the user to add video up to (20MB) size.

Open Outlook creates your email message, Go to Attach File in the include section.

attach image in outlook

you may have few recent items in the list to add directly as an attachment or click Browse this PC to find your desired file from your computer.

After attachment it looks like this:

attachment outlook

If the output video is still too large then you can try a different set of compression settings.

Insert Or Copy/PasteWeb Page In Email Body of Outlook

Apart from the above two options, you can simply copy the youtube URL and paste it into your message body, It will come through as a clickable link along with a thumbnail of the video displayed.

Embed Video in Outlook Web

Embedding video in (OWA) is quite different, you simply need to copy and paste your youtube URL and the video thumbnail appears.

Go to Outlook online version (, Click on New message and type the email address that you want to send email to in the To box.

Embed Video in Outlook Web

Copy and paste your youtube URL and the video thumbnail appears, your recipient directly plays the video in their mailbox.

Now you can remove the URL address and type your message content, You can’t lose the thumbnail video once you remove the URL address.

This copy-paste method is not designed for Outlook applications, it doesn’t show the thumbnail, you need to add video using an image, explained above.

Above are few examples to Embed Video in Outlook Email.

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