How to Add a Drop Down List in Outlook Email Template?

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Most of my users ask me, is there any way we can insert or add a drop-down list in Outlook?

The answer is Yes!

When we are using an email template to compose new messages, there are slight changes required, a drop-down list in an email template can save you a lot of time by letting you choose between multiple variables.

Here in this article, you will learn step by step tutorial, to create a drop-down list in your email template.

Create Content with A Drop-Down List in Word

Developer Tab is one of the backbones of all Microsoft Platforms, the majority of features are available in Microsoft Word, you need to add it to your Word ribbon first.

Technically Microsoft Word helps users to create templates using the Development tab and later on, used in Microsoft Outlook.

Step 1: Open a new blank Word document and type the text used for the email template. This is helpful when your content has such a portion for instance: the name of a person, Location.

Step 2: Once you created your content, highlight the portion.

Step 3: Click on the Development Tab >> Select Drop Down List Content Control from the control section.

Step 4: Once you click on it a slight change in your word is visible (Controls is added), next click the Properties button from the Controls group.

Step 5: The content Control Properties window appears, click the Add button, which opens up Add Choice dialog box, then type the first item in the Display Name Box (the Value box will get filled automatically).

Step 6: Click OK. Repeat the process as many times with different names or other items you wish to include in the list.

Step 7: Once your list is ready [Refer] image below, remove the default “Choose an item“, and then click OK to save your list.

Note: Some people keep it “Choose an item” which reminds them of selecting the option. Now the text with the drop-down list is created in a Word file successfully.

Check out all the information spelling and the items added in the drop-down list. It is time to save these as templates.

Steps to Save drop-down to Outlook message and save as template

We have used Microsoft Word to create the template, there are multiple features available in the developer tab.

Simply select the template’s text and drop-down box you’ve just created, and Press Ctrl + A to select the entire text along with the drop-down list, then press Ctrl + C to copy.

Open Outlook Application, create a new message, and press Ctrl + V to paste the copied content.

Verify that your list is fully functional, and all the items are there.

In case you need to add or remove the name of the item (I added the name of the city in my case), you need to switch to Microsoft Word and then add the name of the item in the Content Control Properties window dialog box.

Next, you need to save the draft message as an email template.

Click the File tab from your Outlook Application >> Save As >> Outlook Template (*.oft).

You need not select the location or folder, System itself select the location where other Microsoft Templates are saved or are supposed to save in case you change the location while saving the template, Outlook will fail to locate them.

The default destination folder where email templates are saved is: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates

Replace USERNAME above with your system name:

Click Save and your template is saved at the default location.

Let’s See How to Use Drop Down Template in Outlook?

In both the above methods, we have created a drop-down template using Microsoft Word and saved Microsoft Template using Outlook.

Now the point is How to use Outlook Template?

To use the saved email template in a new message, go to the home tab, click New Items >> More items >> Choose Form.

That will open, Choose Form Window, and select User Templates in File System, from the drop-down list in the Look In box. All the templates you saved are available here.

Select the one you want and click the open button.

Finally, your saved template opens in a new email message and users can simply select the items according to their choice from the drop-down list, add additional information like attachments, some other content, email address, subject, and many more, and simply send the message.

Final Words

In summary, I recommend that you try adding the drop-down menu to your email template. I think you will have success with this addition.

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