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If you’re using Outlook mobile app, you probably already know that these apps allow you to receive push notifications from various social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

These notifications come through the phone’s screen and may sometimes distract you during important meetings or other activities.

The Outlook mobile app is an excellent tool for managing your email on the go.

However, for some users there is one feature that can be a bit annoying: the “Do Not Disturb” setting, and for some, it’s incredible.

This setting prevents new email notifications from interrupting you while using the app.

However, it can also prevent you from seeing new email notifications when you’re not using the app.

Activate Do Not Disturb

Microsoft Outlook consists of two options for Do Not Disturb (DND), If you want to set do not disturb globally across all your email accounts, you can do so, or you can do it individually for each one.

Enabling Do Not Disturb in Outlook emails depends on your required criteria, you can activate the feature in different segments, and in this article, we will understand it thoroughly.

Open your Outlook mobile app and select the left top corner of your mobile screen.

That will take you to the list of email addresses added to your Outlook mobile application, you can also verify which email account is active by the title in the menu.

Select the one to like to activate do not disturb or you can also activate the feature of all the accounts.

  1. You can select the entire email by clicking the home icon on the top left corner of the image.
  2. Second is your active email address.
  3. The third is the email address added to the Outlook application.

Once you finalize your email address, Select the Do not disturb icon in the top right-hand corner of the menu.

By clicking this, you can see the Do not disturb options. In this section, you have the option of setting six options. The six options are divided into two categories: Timed and Scheduled. Below are brief descriptions of what each option does.


  • Until I turn it off This is an indefinite do not disturb. All notifications from the Outlook client will be silenced until you turn them off.
  • For one-hour Outlook silent all notifications for one hour. The time below the selection lets you know when do not disturb will expire. (Normally it will show time after one hour from the time of activation).
  • Until tomorrow keeps the do not disturb in place until 8 am the following day. [The time 8 AM is fixed].


  • During events feature allows you to silence Outlook notifications during busy hours on your calendar. Both appointments and meetings can be included in this category. When you are in a meeting, you might want to automatically silence your email.
  • During work hours allows you to silence Outlook notifications during work hours. When you enable it, further options appear where you can set the time for (Turn on at and Turn Off at). You can also select the days.
  • During Quit Time silences Outlook notifications are designed to customize your inputs, first option is certain hours you can [Turn on at and turn off at] timing and select the days. The second option is All day, you can select the day/s from the week.

All set.

How to Check whether Do Not Disturb is active?

The above methods activate Do not disturb and finalize automatically until the feature is activated. Most of the users wondering to check whether the Do Not Disturb in Outlook mobile application is active or not.

When the Do Not Disturb enters its scheduled time the icon will become red, and it will automatically silence all notifications from that email account.

Zz’s superimposed over the email icon indicate accounts with active do not disturb settings. The Zz’s over the email icon tells you which accounts have do not disturb on. In the screenshot, only one of the two email accounts is silenced.

How to Check whether Do Not Disturb is active

Deactivate Do Not Disturb

In case you like to deactivate Do Not Disturb before the time or during the period, go to the Do Not Disturb, uncheck, and turn off the toggles that will automatically remove DND from the Outlook Mobile application.

There are other ways to keep Do not Disturb activated, you can silence your mobile phone, you can switch off your mobile phone, or you can keep your mobile phone on airplane mode, these are some of the other methods you can implement to keep you undisturbed.

Wrap Up

In summary, the ‘Do Not Disturb‘ feature is an effortless way to shut off notifications and keep the focus on your task.

You can also set it to various times of the day, week, or month. Snooze allows you to silence your Outlook app until a certain time of the day.

Together, these Outlook app features can help you avoid distractions and focus on your work.

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