How To Create & Share Electronic Business Card (vCard) In Microsoft Outlook?

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Creating a Business (vCard) in Outlook is storing the contact details of any person including (Name, address, Email Address, mobile number, company credential, and personal image).

Not only individuals you can easily create a contact group in outlook, which can be used in several ways.

This article is all about creating & Share Electronic Business Card (vCard). The process of creating a new business card in Microsoft Outlook 365 is also quite easy and short.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

How to Create vCard?

Before understanding the process of creation, what is vCard? : vCard, also known as VCF (Virtual Contact File), is a file format standard for electronic business cards. which can be easily shared with all kinds of contact details of multiple people.

  • Open Outlook 365 >> Click to contact (people icon) on the left-hand bottom navigation pane.
Create vCard
  • Go to Home Tab on the left-hand top corner and >> Click New Contact or use the Keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + C).
Create new contact Outlook
  • In the contact form, double-click on the business card that opens the Edit Business Card box.
business card outlook 365
  • The business card dialog box consists of multiple options that help you design your layout using an image, image area (in percentage), image alignment information, and other informational fields.
  • Informational Field consists of “Full Name, Name of Company, Job Title, Département, Business Phone, Email Address, Business Address”.
  • Select specific files one by one and enter the details on the right-hand side “Edit section”, You can also format the content using Color, Bold, and many more options.
Outlook edit business card
  • You can add or remove any item from the vCard.
  • Using the Up and Down arrow keys allows you to position the text anywhere you want it.
  • Click Ok, it will fill up your main contact form, you can check the final preview, add a profile image of the person if required or available and fill up other minor information, and click save to store.
contact details outlook

Finally, the Electronic Business Card is ready to share with other users.

Advantages of Electronic Business Card in Microsoft Outlook

  • It is like a business card for Outlook
  • It saves your recipient’s email address.
  • It saves your recipient’s name.
  • It displays your contact information.

How To Edit and Customize Electronic Business vCard in Outlook

After creating a member profile vCard, you can check stored Electronic Business cards in the Outlook contact area. You’ve got a fully functional business card. Somehow you can easily “Edit business card”, to add some more information or customized the vCard.

To do that, here is the step-by-step tutorial:

  • Go to Contact >> Go to Home Tab >> Click on Business Card
  • That will bring you to the list of vCards stored in Outlook
  • Double-click on that specific vCard that you like to edit.
  • You are reforwarded to the contact form, which can be easily edited or customized according to your requirement hit the save button on the top left-hand corner of the screen, and your customized contact vCard is saved after editing.

You can also permanently delete your Electronic Business Card (vCard) In Microsoft Outlook by clicking the right mouse button and the delete option is available there.

Electronic Business Card (vCard) In Microsoft Outlook delete

How Do I Put My Business Card on My Email?

Outlook users easily send any electronic business vCard through email to any person or group of people, it’s not rocket science, you only must attach the vCard just like you attach a folder or file with your email.

The new message, Reply, or forwarding all three options allow you to attach the business card, Let’s Dive in:

  • In the new, replying, or forwarding email >> Click to Insert Tab >> Business Card >> other Business Card [Ref: Snapshot]
insert business card outlook
  • That will walk you through the list of the business cards, Specify the contact folder & simply select or you can use the Ctrl key while selecting for multiple vCard and hit Ok.
insert business card

The Business card is attached to your email in (.vcf) format and inserted in the message body.

send vcard card in outlook

It’s done, on sending that email message, your recipient will get the Electronic Business Card (vCard), which I can also save on his computer. Here are a few explanations, of how:

  • When your recipient clicks on the attachment, of the received email, the whole vCard opens in the message body.
Saving Contact Information from a Business Card
  • Then, the recipient can right-click your business card and choose to save as to download the contact or choice save as from the above tab [ref: snapshot above].
  • You can simply import that contact into your outlook.

There is another option your recipient directly saves the contact, double click on the attachment received, which will open the contact form in your recipient Outlook, your recipient simply adds the required information or hit the save and close button on the topmost corner of your screen.

What is the difference between an Outlook business card and an Outlook contact?

A business card is a physical card you give out to introduce yourself. A contact is a record in Outlook about a person, group, or organization.

You can store multiple business cards or contacts in a single Outlook folder, and each contact can have multiple addresses, phone numbers, and other details.

How do I add a business card to my signature in Outlook?

To add a business card to your signature in Outlook, follow these steps:

  • Use your mouse to open the message, from the include section click on the signature drop-down list, and select signature.
  • The signature and Stationery dialog box appears>> Click New and name your signature.
  • From the Edit Signature section, select business card.
  • Select the contact, and you can see the business card preview below, by default the size of the business card is 100%, you can reduce the size up to 40%.
  • Once you are satisfied with the preview, click OK.
  • Your Business card is saved in the Signature list. You can use it in future emails.

Final Words

Here, in this article, the method How to Create & Share Electronic Business Card (vCard) In Microsoft Outlook or modifications in Outlook has been discussed.

Maintaining all the records always helps the user, if you are an individual, running a small business or large enterprise, business card sharing is easy to process.

I hope you get all your answers and gained some knowledge through this blog.

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