How to create a poll in Outlook with Multiple Options? [Using Quick Poll Forms]

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A quick poll in Outlook features is only available in Office 365 (business) subscription version not in the home version. This feature is not available for Office 2019 or 2016.

Very few users are aware of Quick poll in Outlook, which allows you to insert voting buttons in the message body within your email content, it’s a great new feature for Microsoft 365 business (formerly Office 365), Polling with multiple options.

Creating a quick poll using Microsoft Forms, you can create a quick poll to which all your recipients respond to answer via a link in the email message.

In this article, you will learn step by step method “How to embed a survey in outlook email using Quick Poll Forms“.

Create a poll Outlook

The poll in Outlook email, helps the sender in many ways, like feedback, selection, voting, and many more.

So let’s get started and see how you can create these super quick and easy polls in your outgoing emails.

  • Make sure you are working on Office 365 (for business).
  • Open Outlook 365 Application
  • Click on the New mail tab.
  • Click Insert Tab >> Hit “poll” under the include section.
Create a poll Outlook
  • Poll Panel on the right-hand side appears, which includes a form, where you need to enter the inputs.
How to create a poll in Outlook with Multiple Options

You can insert your question in an email poll, and insert multiple answers using “add options”, which are later on selected by your recipient.

When the poll is complete, click the “Next” button.

You can check out the preview of how what the poll will look like for the recipient.

create a poll in Outlook

Click Edit, if some modification is required, or click “Add to email“.

Your Email Subject Line automatically changes with the poll subject, and a link to the poll will be put into the body of the email.

How to Create a Poll In Microsoft Outlook

Not only this, but you can also create your email message, edit or add a subject line, create a matter on the body, add a signature and finally add the email addresses of recipients and send the email.

That’s the end of the process How do you create a poll in outlook with multiple options, Next is the part of the recipient, what you recipient gets, and how to respond.

How to Respond to a poll in Outlook? [How Poll Look like]

When your recipient receives an email message along with the poll link, the Default web browser will open and display the question and answers after the link is clicked.

How to Respond to a poll in Outlook
  • Select the option, enter the email address, and finally click Vote.

If you’re sending the poll to people inside your organization, then Forms will automatically attempt to fill in their email addresses. Otherwise, they’ll have to fill in their email address themselves manually.

They can also check out the results, by clicking the view results on the screen. After submission, the result looks like this:

Respond to a poll

Everybody can review the results anytime, but nobody checkout who voted for what.

Why can’t my recipients see the poll in their email messages?

There are a few reasons why recipients may not see the poll in their email message and, instead, receive a link to the poll, which will direct them to vote in a browser.

  • Sometimes the poll may be too lengthy (e.g., the title is too long or there are too many options).
  • You’re signed in with your Microsoft work or school account and sent your poll to people outside of your organization.

Source: here

How to Checkout Poll Results?

Once you send the Poll to your recipient and they vote for it, there is a certain time you need to check the results.

Go to the Forms website or access Microsoft Forms.

You can see the recent form added to the list with responses and poll names.

How to Checkout Poll Results

Click the poll, you will now see the Questions Tab and the Responses tab visible.

Create a Poll In Microsoft Outlook

Click on Responses Tab to check out some graphical (pie chart) and numeric data results.

Click “View Results” to see how each person voted or select “Open in Excel” to export the results to an excel spreadsheet.

Poll Options Greyed out in Outlook

I am highlighting this because most default users are unable to find the poll key, even if you are using Office 365 (business) subscription version.

Finding a voting button in Outlook required a few technical backhands settings, without wasting time and effort let’s dive in:

  • Open Outlook, Select Office 365 (Business) account email address.
  • Click “Addin” from the home tab.
  • Type Quick poll in the search bar.
quick poll by microsoft forms
  • Click Add, Quick Poll adding added in the Message Tab.
Add quick poll
  • Now you can check out the Poll icon under the insert tab.
poll icon outlook

Final Words

In Conclusion, it’s useful to know that a poll lets you get feedback directly from your customers. You can create a poll, allow people to respond, and analyze the results.

Occasionally, like in Outlook, you may have a list of choices and need to poll them or ask about opinions. Outlook lets you create a poll by directly typing into the To-Do Bar. If you’ve created a poll, Outlook will prompt you to save the poll. The poll can be edited in Outlook’s Poll dialog box.

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