How To Count Emails in Outlook?

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Has there ever been a moment where you’re just curious to know how many emails you have in your Outlook inbox?

Or perhaps for work purposes, you need a precise email count? If so, you’re in the right place!

You’ll be pleased to hear that counting emails in Outlook is a piece of cake.

You don’t need to count each email manually—thank goodness, especially for those of us with exploding inboxes!

Instead, you can use two simple strategies: Check out a status bar or tweak your view settings in properties. Intrigued?

Let’s dive right in and explore these methods step by step, shall we?

How to Show Number of Emails in Outlook Inbox?

Just head over to the left side and click on your email folder.

Did you know?

In each Outlook folder, you can choose to see either the number of messages you haven’t read yet or the total number of emails.

With just a tiny tweak, you can switch between viewing unread messages and total messages in Outlook.

And don’t worry, changing one folder won’t mess with the others.

Let’s explore:

  • Select your email in case you have added multiple email addresses in Outlook.
  • Select the Folder and click right from your mouse on a selected folder (For instance INBOX).
  • Select Properties from the list.
  • That will open the inbox properties dialog box, you need to select General Tab, although it’s already selected by default.
  • In the middle of the dialog box, you will get two options:
  1. Show the number of unread items.
  2. Show the total number of items.
  • Select “show total number of items“, which will reveal the entire number of emails available in that folder, whether you have read it or not.
  • Click OK and you will check the number of emails in numeric value beside the folder name in the navigation section. refer: [image]

That way you can change and check the number of emails available in the folder.

Number of Emails in square brackets vs without square bracket

If you look at the above image, you will see two different numeric values, the first figure is in the square bracket and the second is normal, the square bracket figure is slightly faded, and the other is highlighted.

The number in square brackets next to a folder name indicates the number of unread messages within that folder.

This visual cue helps users quickly identify folders that have unread messages without having to click into each folder.

  1. Number in Square Brackets (e.g., [5]): This typically indicates the number of unread emails in that specific folder. It’s a visual cue for the user to know which folders contain unread messages.
  2. Number without Square Brackets (e.g., 100): This usually represents the total number of emails in that folder, irrespective of their read/unread status.

However, the behavior and presentation might differ slightly based on the version of Outlook you’re using and how it’s configured. For instance:

  • In the folder pane, you might see something like “Inbox [5] 100“, which would indicate you have 100 emails in total in the Inbox, out of which 5 are unread.
  • In some versions or configurations of Outlook, you might only see the unread count (with or without brackets) and not the total count.

That way you can easily count/track the number of emails received and sent per day.

How to Check Out Number of email in New Outlook?

The new Outlook interface differs significantly from the classic version. In the new interface, the number of emails in a folder is displayed alongside it, similar to the classic version.

However, unlike the classic version, you cannot toggle this figure to show either unread or total emails.

Instead, when you hover your mouse over a folder, it displays both the total number of items and the number of unread items.

Checkout Emails In OUTLOOK FOLDER under the Status Bar

In Microsoft Outlook, the Status Bar is located at the bottom of the window and provides information about the currently selected folder or item.

One of the pieces of information it provides is the count of emails in the currently selected folder.

For email folders in Outlook, the Status Bar typically displays counts in the following format:

  • Unread: This indicates the number of unread emails in the selected folder.
  • Total Items: This shows the total number of emails (both read and unread) in the folder.

For example, if you have a folder with 65 emails, out of which 17 are unread, the Status Bar might display something like:

Unread: 17 | Total: 65

To view this information:

  1. Select any folder in your Outlook.
  2. Check the bottom left corner (the Status Bar) of the Outlook window.

However, if you cannot see this information, the Status Bar might be disabled, or specific details might be turned off.

Here’s how to ensure the Status Bar is active and displaying the email counts:

  1. Go to the View tab on the Ribbon.
  2. In the Layout group, click on Status Bar to ensure it’s enabled. If it has a checkmark next to it, it means it’s currently active.

Remember, the exact steps and the information displayed can vary depending on the version of Outlook you are using.

Always ensure you’re referring to guidelines appropriate for your specific version if there are any discrepancies.

Conclusion (Final Words)

Counting emails in the Outlook folder requires easy quick steps, whether you want the total number of emails in the folder or just unread emails.

This can be beneficial for those who need to manage their inbox more effectively or keep track of their email activity.

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