How To Turn off Conversation View in Outlook 365? Email Grouping Complete Guide

Outlook conversation view arranges all your messages in chronological order into a thread, the latest holds the top position, and so on. All the messages are folded and arrange in a single subject line, Clicking on the left side triangle-shaped logo to open the thread.

Case study: In my early days, I worked in the purchasing department and send various email messages to vendors for their best-quoted rates, with every vendor, long conversation with an email regarding rates, terms till finalization is the process.

There is no such method to keep the record properly, searching for belonging titled email messages from multiple folders inbox to the sent box is like a hectic process. I found Conversation View in Outlook to manage my problem.

In this article, I will walk you through step by step process “How To Turn On/Off Conversation View in Outlook 365″. Instructions apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010; and Outlook for Microsoft 365

Let’s dive in:

How to turn on (email grouping) conversation view in Outlook?

For first-time users how to turn this feature on, is always be a task, while those who turned on sometimes can’t find how to turn it off. This article follows the main title and will simplify both the On & Off process.

conversation view in Outlook

  • Outlook displays a confirmation message, You can turn on conversation view for the current folder or entire mailbox, select This folder or all mailbox accordingly.

What Does Conversation View Do

  • Selection automatically runs the spider and you’ll notice a little triangle-shaped next to emails that have been threaded.
  • Click on the triangle and you can expand all the messages in the chronological manner that have been grouped together.

How to turn on email grouping conversation view in Outlook

Note: Under Email grouping the Subject Line must be in a continuous manner, any change in subject line results in termination of that email message from the group.

You can easily read the message in the reading pane, once you click on the email message. Every time you received a new conversation email message, it will automatically be added to the top of the group and its change to dark highlighted, which easily indicates that there is a new message or some message is not opened.

How to change conversation settings in Outlook?

Once you set a conversation view in Outlook, the conversation setting option activates. It consists of a few options which can help you visualize the data easily.

How to change conversation settings in Outlook

  • Show messages from other folders: On selecting this option conversation view include sent items too, to complete the threads
  • Show senders above the subject: Outlook shows name before Subject line, and reverse on non-selection.
  • Always expend selected conversation: This option always expands the view, once you open the conservation by clicking on the triangle symbol.
  • Use classic indented view: Outlook shows you all the email messages in the hierarchy scenario in case it was selected, otherwise, you can see all the threads in a list.

Use classic indented view

How to disable conversation view in outlook 365?

Outlook turns off conversation view, once you uncheck the “Show as conversation” option from the view tab. After unchecking all the settings moved and Outlook works as normal. 

Grouping and ungroup emails in outlook 365 is a great future for some professional users. The above steps apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010; and Outlook for Microsoft 365.

How To Remove Conversation View in Outlook 365 Web? is a web-based platform that changes from time to time some of the features added and some removed. Turning off the conversation view in Outlook web required a few step exercises.

Refer Image: You can see the conversion threads, one by one, and the message expands in the reading pane.

Remove Conversation View in Outlook 365 Web

Steps to disable conversation view in

Here is the step you follow to turn off the email grouping in the Outlook web.

  • Using a web browser, go to
  • Select the folder, Click to option (Gear sign logo) on the right-hand top corner of the screen to open Quick Settings.
  • Scroll down to the conversation view.

Steps to disable conversation view in

Once you hit off, all the settings become normal and default.

Outlook threaded view holds the top 10 features position in Outlook, those users having conversations with their clients on regular basis on the same subject, grouping email features help them drastically. I this article we have covered all the step-by-step processes “How To Turn On/Off Conversation View in Outlook 365″.

Frequently Asked Question:

What Does Ignore Conversation mean in Outlook?

Unwanted Conversations sometimes causes problems, the frequent reply from all the members hit your inbox. Ignore Conversation removes all unwanted messages related to the conversation that you select.

It moves all conversation emails directly to your Deleted Items folder.

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