How to Compose and Send an Email in Outlook?

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In this post, we will break down the process of composing and sending an email in Outlook step-by-step, making it easy to follow for even the most novice users.

Composing and Sending Emails is a basic Task of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook mail revolves around only two things, creating and sending the email and managing the folders.

Let’s dive into the understanding step by step method “How to Compose and Send an Email in Outlook

Compose New Email

Open Outlook Application and click on new email under the home tab from the top left corner of the screen, you can also use Keyboard Shortcut to create a new email – Control (CTRL + N).

You can also use the new items options which are again available in the home tab under the new section. Click the drop-down and select E-mail message, Use [Keyboard ShortcutAlt + HIM]

You will redirect to the new email window, now what are the important aspects we need to remember while composing an email message?

  • Recipient’s address (To, CC, Bcc)
  • Subject Line
  • Email message (Contact)
  • Email Attachment

Enter a recipient’s address. There are three segments:

  • To: Contains the primary recipient’s address.
  • Cc (Carbon Copy): Sends a copy of the email to a secondary address.
  • Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy): By clicking the Bcc button on the Options tab, you can send an additional copy of the message to someone without anyone else knowing about it.

My BCC Option is Missing!!!

In most case Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) option is missing, the main reason is, the Outlook interface by default only provide the To and CC segment.

You can enable the Bcc option is just one click:

Open the New email window, click on the Options tab then click on Bcc under show fields. that will enable the BCC field.

Compose your Subject

Creating a subject line for an email may seem like a small detail, but it can have a significant impact on the success of the email.

A well-crafted subject line can catch the recipient’s attention, convey the message of the email, and increase the chances of the email being opened and read.

You can use lower case upper case or even in Bold or Italian. Make sure the subject line must be very clear and detailed for the recipient.

Create your Content

Next is your message body/board, you can create your message content or information, there you can use the font section to change the font, font size, color, style, and many more designs and you can also embed the PDF file or any other format file.

Attach File (IF NEEDED)

Mostly Emails are sent with attachment with it, you can add the attachment anytime with the email message using the attachment option:

Go to New Mail, Reply, or Forward, under the Message Tab Go to the Include section and click on Attach file.

That will allow the user to attach files from recent items, attach items, and browse this PC.

Once your attachment is also added to your Outlook application, you can very easily send the email or schedule to send the email.

Click Send Button or Use the Keyboard Shortcut (Alt + S) to send the Email message.

Click Send Button

After sending the email, there is an option for you can recall the message, but that very conditional method, in case you need to recheck the message before final sending use the delay delivery option.

Finally, after your message was sent, you can check out the send message in the sent box.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Outlook is an essential tool for managing your emails, calendars, and contacts.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, composing and sending an email in Outlook is a breeze.

Whether you’re using it for personal or professional purposes, Outlook can help you stay organized and productive.

So, take advantage of this powerful tool and start composing and sending emails with ease.

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