How to change language on Outlook Email?

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Microsoft Outlook offers many ways to customize your email, such as changing your signature, adding pictures to your message, and adding links to the message.

Microsoft also offers the option to change the language that is set in your email settings. You can change the language used in your email to other languages that may be easier for users in a certain country to understand than the default language.

This can help increase your productivity and get you a better response by translating your email to a user’s native language.

Microsoft Outlook’s default language provides according to the region, where Outlook is downloaded, in most cases the English language is the default language.

Some users want to change the language, and some are facing issues with the language and what to change the language on Outlook email.

Sometimes the language of Outlook gets changed to some other than English. And if you do not understand the new language, it becomes exceedingly difficult to perform any task on Outlook.

In this article, you will learn step by step process “How to change the language on Outlook email?“.

How To Change the Default Language in Outlook?

Below Step by step is quite simple to understand:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook Application
  • Click the File Tab >> Hit Options.
  • Click the Language option from the left bar of the dialog box
How To Change The Default Language In Outlook-min
  • Now concentrate on the Offline display language, by default English language or a local language is already installed, click to Install additional display language from
  • Another Dialog Box “Install a display Language” appears, which consists of multiple languages, select the language you like to install and Hit Install.
How to change language on Outlook email-min
  • Check out multiple languages, you can scroll down for additional languages, select your choice, and hit Install.
  • You will be redirected to the Office website Click on Download [refer Image]
Click Install Language outlook
  • Check downloading process from the bottom left corner of the screen.
Change language on Outlook email
  • Run the setup once completed
language on Outlook email
  • After running the setup, Outlook automatically closed, reopen Outlook >> Go to Options >> language and your additional language was added in the section.
language added Outlook-min
  • All set, the next step modifies the language in Outlook, select the required language, and click “Set as preferred” >> Click OK.
  • Restart Microsoft Outlook >> All the languages changed except the additional add-ins you added (for example Grammarly) refer: Image
Outlook tab

This whole setup is easy to apply, you can simply reverse the process and get the default language back in Outlook.

How to change language in Outlook 365 webmail?

Although any change in language made in the Outlook desktop application automatically fetches the changes in 365 webmail, some people only use outlook 365 webmail also known as (OWA), you will learn the step-by-step process to execute the change.

  • Open >> Click on setting Settings (gear logo) >> View all Outlook settings >> General >> Language and time.
  • Select the Language dropdown arrow to display all the available languages and choose a language.
language outlook web
  • Click save, and automatically reloads with your new language settings.

In this process, if you wish to change to any other language or get the default language back, you can use the same technique for it.

Final Words

In conclusion, Microsoft has introduced a new feature that allows users to switch between different languages, which makes it easier for non-English speakers to use email on their computers. This new feature allows Outlook users to change the language of the email interface within Outlook itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why am I getting emails in another language?

If you get the email in a language other than English, you can translate the message using the tool at

But the reason is your Web browser’s language setting may be set to a language other than English. To view all messages in English, change the Language setting in your browser.

If you’re receiving emails in a different language, it could be because of a misconfiguration in your email settings. We suggest checking if your time zone and country settings are correct.

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