How to Change Color of Strikethrough in Outlook?

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If you’re a word nerd like me, then you’ll love how strikethrough works in Outlook. While it’s not really that difficult to use, there are a few quirks to keep in mind.

You can adjust the color of the strikethrough in Outlook — and do it easily. Instead of writing out every message, you send out, strikethrough you’re writing let others know that the message has been made redundant.

By default, strikethrough is white, but you can customize this in Outlook.

You might want to change the color of the strike, but not sure how. Let’s figure it out together! In this tutorial, you’ll learn ‘How to change the color of the struck text in Microsoft Outlook’.

What is Strikethrough in Outlook?

Strikethrough in Outlook allows you to mark text as deleted. If you set a strikethrough font, you can strikethrough text when editing an email message.

Steps to Change Color of Strikethrough in Outlook?

Adding and removing strikethrough to words in a composing email message is quite easy. but what if you need to change the color according to your requirement, follow the steps.

  • Select or double-click on the text written in strikethrough font.
  • A small dialog box appears which consists of color customization icons.
Change Color of Strikethrough

Talking about changing color, again, do you like to change the (text highlight color and font color). Select the first option in case you like to change the text highlight color, which keeps the color of the text intact but, highlights the content, which anyhow separates the visibility, [Refer to the image below].

Steps to Change Color of Strikethrough in Outlook

By default, the yellow color is available, you can change the color by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the highlight color icon.

What is Strikethrough in Outlook

In case you need to change the ‘font color’, you need to select the second option, which keeps the color of the background intact but, changes the color of the content. There are multiple colors available, you can also customize your own color by clicking on “More Colors“.

Strikethrough in Outlook

Apart from this, text highlight color and font color options are also available under Format Text.

Change the color of the strikethrough using the line

Another method to Change the Color of Strikethrough in outlook is quite interesting:

In both methods, you won’t separate the strikethrough color and the text color in Outlook for some purpose. For example, you want to keep the content black and make the strikethrough red.

Actually, there is no method to directly change the strikethrough color without changing the color of the text. You can change the color of the strikethrough using the line under the shapes tab, which is quite complicated.

Does the Changed Color of Strikethrough in Outlook really matter?

To change the color of the strikethrough, you need to select the line, which opens a new tab “Shape format”.

Under Shape Format, Shape style options are available, you can change the color of the strikethrough line immediately after you select the color.

Color of Strikethrough

Does the Change in Color of Strikethrough in Outlook really matter?

Strikethrough is a feature that draws a line through selected text to indicate deleting or changing in case you get a change of color that automatically separates the visibility of the content, that’s why most users change the color under strikethrough.

Here’s some more information on using strikethrough in Outlook

  • You can activate strikethrough before starting typing, using strike through the icon, which results in a line drawn in every text you type.
  • Those writing in the HTML or Rich Text format for their emails. If you’re in Plain Text mode, you won’t be able to add strikethrough. Additionally, if you switch to Plain Text, any existing strikethrough will be removed.
  • Strikethrough formatting, as well as any other formatting, can also be removed using the Clear Formatting button found in the Basic Text section on the Message tab.
  • Outlook email subject line won’t allow you to strikethrough the content. (Subject is text, the body is HTML)

What is the shortcut key for change of color in strikethrough outlook?

Although it can be useful to know where the text formatting button is located, it may not be as efficient as you would like if you planned to use the strikethrough effect frequently. Keyboard shortcut keys allow enhance the speed and save time.

What it Does?Keyboard Shortcut
Text highlight colorAlt + O + I
Font colorAlt + O + FC

Final Words

In conclusion, Strikethrough is a special formatting feature. This formatting option highlights text within the flow of text.

The strikethrough formatting symbol (or strikethrough) is used by the Outlook program. This formatting symbol is mainly used to highlight text in email messages.

The strikethrough formatting symbol is by default set to the tilde.

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