How to Assign a Task in Outlook?

How to create and assign a task

Assign Tasks in outlook 365 to your subordinate, in a professional manner, you can assign tasks for yourself as well as other network people. Outlook keeps records of every movement and progress and reassigned the task. Outlook collaborates effectively and results beyond emailing. In this article, you will explore and dive deeper into “How to …

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How to Enable @ Tagging In Outlook 365?

email address symbol

You can mention someone in a tweet using “@“, however, it is quite confusing because some people also use this shorthand to mean “reply“. Some Twitter clients are now able to show @mention status updates in their feeds. This means that anyone who follows you will see you mention them in a tweet. @mention has …

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How To Send Invitations from Outlook Calendar?


Sending invitations from Outlook Calendar, raise numerous questions, and the topmost query is what does it means? Technically Invitation from the calendar outlook is a call-up instruction to the receiver to attend a specific meeting organized by the sender at the desired time and location. Most user new to Outlook is not familiar with meeting …

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How To Separate Email Addresses in Outlook?

Commas can be used to separate multiple message recipients

Sending email messages to multiple recipients is not new, usually corporate users, or even in the self-establishment, a single email sent to various persons is common. You can insert multiple email addresses in the [To:] header field or use the [Cc:] or [Bcc:] fields to add more recipients. In this article, you will learn “How to …

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How to add Grammarly to Outlook? 100% results

How to use Grammarly in Outlook

Writing a letter, email message, blog in a professional way, hit challenge to every employee/ self-employed/ writer, little mistake always encounters (it’s not because you are not a good writer, but everyone holds their own writing pattern), sometimes typing mistake, or silly grammatical mistakes blur your writing design which sometimes hit real dent in your …

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How To Find IP Address of Email Sender in Outlook?

Find IP Address Of Sender Email In Outlook

While using internet services, we come across many times that we want to know from which IP address the email that we sent or received is from. Hence, it is a common query to find out the IP Address of the email sender. To do that, we need to first find the email sender. But …

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