How To Use Microsoft Editor for Outlook 365?

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Microsoft Editor for Outlook 365 is a handy tool that can help you create, view, and edit email drafts and messages.   It’s available in the Microsoft Store, and I like it because it’s simple to use—a new email draft or message is created within the app itself, rather than on a web browser, which …

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Outlook Closes When Minimized [How to Stop Disappearing?]

outlook closes when minimized

When you are in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, or 365 and you want to minimize or close the program, but you notice that Outlook doesn’t close, it is because you are in Minimized mode. In the current digital world, Microsoft Outlook holds the top position as far as email delivery is concerned, every Outlook …

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How To Get Outlook to Open on Startup in Windows 10/11?

Disable Outlook From Opening on Startup

All of you observe while restarting or starting your personal computer or laptop you must start your Microsoft Outlook separately. It’s not a technical glitch, it’s a pattern. You like to make Outlook start automatically with a computer/laptop. Here in this write-up, you must set up/change a few backhand settings which start outlook on startup. …

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How To Insert Emoji in Outlook Mail?

emojis in outlook

How often have you sent a text message or email where you included some emoji? Emojis are funny little pictures that represent emotions such as love, sadness, anger, etc. They’ve become extremely popular over time and are now being used frequently in emails and messages. You send an email containing emojis. The recipient receives the …

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What is Outlook Extension for Microsoft Edge and Chrome?

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The Edge does allow you to check your email, read and send messages, etc. without any additional software, you can use the toolbar extension. The extension is now available and can be installed easily. You can have full access to your Outlook account without leaving the tab on Microsoft Edge. The extension is also available in …

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How To Sync Google Calendar With Outlook 2019, 365?

Sync Google Calendar with iCal

Think about how your world would change if you had one calendar for all your events, and then synced that calendar with all your other devices. Just imagine your life free of double booking and having to remember multiple events. No more unnecessarily scheduling events on the same day, or double-booking things again. Imagine having …

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How To Search Exact Phrase in Outlook?

Advanced find outlook

There are too many ways to search in Outlook, and this makes it confusing. Most of the ways allow you to search within your email only, so when you search for something in your mail, you won’t see it in the search results. But there is a way to search all emails, messages, contacts, calendar …

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