Outlook Developer Tab Missing + How to add developer tab on Ribbon in Outlook?

developer tab Outlook

In our previous article, you have learned to unhide the missing ribbon in outlook which consists of multiple tabs, one of the tab “Developer”. By default, the Developer tab does not show on the Ribbon in Microsoft Outlook, when you first install office 365, 2019, 2016, 2013. Throughout this article, you will learn to enable … Read more

Where Is The File Tab in Outlook? + File Tab Missing in Outlook 365!

ribbon display options

Every electronic platform required a gateway to reach commands, All office application consists ribbon (Home, File,  Send/Receive, Folder, View, Help), Outlook desktop applications options are accessed from the File tab. File Tab is the backbone in Outlook, any major changes, Finding File Tab location is really very easy, you can get on the top left-hand corner … Read more

How to remove email account from Outlook? [2007, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019, 365]

mail setup dialog box

There are multiple ways to mute a specific email account or email message received in your Inbox, using the rule function, some email account are so spammy which really deserve detention in your Microsoft Outlook. In this article, You will learn a complete tutorial on “How To Delete Email Account From Outlook?”.  Microsoft Outlook only … Read more

How to find your Outlook Password? [Reset/Change]

change the password

Password one of the entry gate to your email account, reset/change password initiated from the Email host (like Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo, Microsoft 365, and Corporate Exchange server). Once you change the password, you required to reset the password in Microsoft Outlook as well to get complete access. If your passwords don’t match and outlook keeps … Read more

Outlook To do list vs Tasks!

What is the difference between Task and To-Do list in Outlook

Is Outlook To do list vs Tasks topic really searching for? Are Microsoft Outlook users still wondering the real difference between outlook tasks vs to-do lists? Yes, there are numerous users still unable to differentiate between both of the terms. The first thing in the morning I use to do is to write down my daily … Read more

How to Create a Recurring Task in Outlook? + [Regenerated Task]

How to Repeat Tasks Outlook

In an earlier article, we have learned recurring meeting which needs to occur every specific interval. The recurring task is also similar. Assign Tasks in Outlook to another person or for yourself is another great feature in Outlook. In this article, you will learn “How to Repeat Tasks Outlook” as well as “Regenerated Task”. Outlook … Read more

How to save a contact list in Outlook? [Received by Mail]

Outlook Save Contact Group

Earlier you have learned to import and export the distribution list in Outlook, in most cases group email lists received through email messages. For saving the received distribution list into your Outlook contacts folder, there are few methods. Switching to a new computer or a different email client transferring all your contacts using CSV file, … Read more