Unable to attach files in Outlook! – [How to Fix it?]

Many business professionals rely on email to deliver important communications. Unfortunately, the email system within Outlook can sometimes be a hindrance if you use some types of attachments.

While most people can use Outlook without any problems, you may experience an issue when attaching large files to an email message.

In some cases, users are unable to attach files to email in Outlook, there must be some technical glitch, or some must be in your control, there are multiple times I personally encountered the same situation, I need to send an especially important email message with an attachment very badly, but unable to send.

In this article, there are a few tricks and tips in Outlook which help to get rid of the problem.

Why Can’t I Attach Files in Outlook?

Frankly speaking below reasons really such a minor modification which majority of users already aware of:

  • Attachment File size, [Raise Attachment Limit].
  • Convert files containing suspicious extensions
  • Check and Compress File size before attachment.
  • Restart Microsoft Outlook
  • Update Browser

Attachment File size [Raise Attachment Limit]

Outlook’s email client sets a maximum limit of [20 MBs] for every email attachment including email content. Not even outlook every email provider set up attachment limit size. you can face this problem everywhere. Therefore, it is better to verify the attachment size before trying to add or upload it.

You can utilize the maximum hide limit provided by Outlook and raise the attachment limit.

Convert files containing suspicious extensions

Outlook allows users to attach most extension files, sometimes it blocks a specific type of file containing malware extensions, which causes security issues for both the users (sender and receiver). Still, you are sending a valid file and Outlook reveals a concern for the file.

You can simply convert the file into (.zip file), and you can easily send the file through Outlook.

Check and Compress File size before attachment

Converting your file into (.zip file), not only change file extension but also compress file size to the maximum limit in case. To check the original file size, simply click the right mouse button, then Properties (last option of the dialog box).

Check and Compress File size before attachment

File properties dialog box reveals the size of the file which brings the issue of Can’t Attach File in Outlook, to convert the file into (.zip file), click “Add to archive“, and you will compress zip file, which consists of your original file, and the file size also reduced to attach.

Restart Outlook

Restarting Outlook, cleaning up every technical glitch that comes across, it was observed restarting Outlook resolves minor issues in many cases.

Update Browser

Regular updation of browser is very crucial, it is recommended to update it to the latest version, and keep your browser updated, previous version is sometimes unable to resist glitches which cause a few uncertainties in the normal working of the application.

If you are using paid Microsoft 365, it is recommended to contact customer care.

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