How to Cancel a Meeting in Outlook? [Single & Recurring]

Once you created a meeting scheduled in Outlook, or later on reschedule the meeting, Outlook calendar saved your agenda both in the one-time or recurring meeting for the creator as well as an attendee’s of the meeting.

After all this juggling, in the case due to some unavoidable circumstances, the meeting needs to be canceled, Outlook allows the user to execute the process of cancellation and send the intimation to all the attendees.

Here in the article, you will learn step by step process of “How to Cancel Ontime/Recurring Meeting in Outlook 365” both in Outlook application as well as Outlook web application (OWA).

How to cancel a scheduled meeting (one time)?

The meeting always consist of more than one member, any modification like cancel need to be updated to all the members, the creator of the meeting send cancellation update to all the recipient, which is normal practice.

sometimes you just want to cancel or delete a meeting from your calendar, and still want the meeting go on smoothly with all the attendees taking part in, here you will learn both the scenario, [how to get it done].

  • Open Outlook Calendar, click the calendar icon from the navigation section from the left bottom corner of the Outlook screen.

Calendar icon navigation bar

  • Grab the position (date) of your scheduled meeting, double click on the meeting content on your calendar.
  • The meeting invitation window pops up, click cancel meeting from the top left-hand corner of the screen.

click cancel meeting outlook

  • Clicking on cancel meeting, convert the send button into Send cancellation, You can also mention the reason for the cancellation of the meeting in your content area.

send cancellation outlook

The above method is sure short, In some cases, the creator needs to cancel the meeting for himself and want our attendees to carry on with the meeting. The process is the same but the only difference is their attendees will not get any update.

How To Cancel Meeting Without Sending Cancellation In Outlook?

This process is slightly off the track, the straight forward method will not stop cancellation update to other members in the form of the Email message, you have to consider a different approach, basically, you are tricking with Outlook.

Here you get how?

  • Open Outlook, before commencing the process, activate work offline mode. (this process disconnects you from the outer world, but still, you can modify your own platform).
  • Click Send/Receive Tab >> Hit Work offline.

Cancel Meeting Without Sending Cancellation In Outlook

  • You can check on the right bottom corner of the screen, status bar displays which indicate working offline.

work offline mode

After you activate the offline mode, you have to repeat the process of selecting the meeting date on your Outlook calendar, double click on time, Click delete the meeting from the invited event tab, and finally, Hit Send cancellation.

  • Now the cancellation email will be stuck in the Outbox until Outlook gets online.
  • Go to navigation section (left button corner of the screen) click email icon >> Home Tab >> Go to specific email address section >> Go to Outlook Open it by double click on it.

Outlook Outbox

  • In the Outbox folder, check out the email waiting for Outlook to online, select the email then select Delete from the right-clicking menu.

How To Cancel Meeting Without Sending Cancellation In Outlook

  • This step removes the meeting event from your calendar but still available to other members, (the meeting will go on), you have also deleted the mail from outbox, so there is nothing to send for Outlook. [refer image of both creator and another member].

compare meeting calendar Outlook

Finally, Click the Work offline button to connect to Outlook, everything work normally.

How To Cancel Individual Outlook Recurring Meeting In A Series?

A recurring meeting in Outlook is a series of events, in case you need to cancel the whole series or a single meeting in a series, the process is quite similar to a one-time meeting cancellation.

Let’s begin with cancel a single meeting in a series, Outlook allows you to cancel a single meeting from the series and the rest of the meeting remains untouched, and the attendees will be noticed of the cancellation of a particular meeting with the cancellation email they received.

  • Open Outlook calendar, select the date, and double click on the occurrence meeting.
  • Open Recurring Item dialog box pops up, which consists of two options: first “Just this one” & “the entire series“.

open recurring items

  • Select Just this one for single meeting cancellation and click OK.
  • Recurring meeting dialog box appears >> Under Meeting Occurrence Tab >> Click Cancel Meeting from the top left corner of the screen.

Meeting Occurrence Tab

  • Outlook once again required confirmation with the dialog box “Confirm Delete“, select delete this occurrence and Hit OK.

confirm delete

  • Again Click on Send cancellation, you can also mention the reason for cancellation, an email send to all the attendees regarding the cancellation of a single meeting of the series.

send cancellation recurring meeting

How To Cancel Entire Recurring Meeting In Outlook?

In case, you required to cancel the entire series of a recurring meeting,

  • Select the “entire series” and click OK.

the entire series outlook

  • Recurring meeting dialog box appears >> Under Meeting Occurrence Tab >> Click Cancel Meeting from the top left corner of the screen.[refer image above]
  • Now Click Send cancellation, Cancellation email for the entire series will be sent to all the attendees.

Click Send cancellation

In case the recipient click “Remove from calendar“, from the email message received the series will permanently delete from the attendee calendar too. If the attendee doesn’t bother to click “Remove from calendar“, His calendar fetch the email cancellation information into their calendar. [image of attendee calendar]

cancelled recurring meeting outlook

Once you cancel the meeting, you cannot reverse this action, you need to create a new meeting request both for one-time and recurring.

How to cancel a meeting in Outlook Web Application?

Outlook web application is a web-based email service, you can cancel the scheduled meeting both in the single meeting as well recurring. Let’s dive in How?

  • Open Outlook web calendar.
  • Get a single meeting specific date, click on it.
  • Meeting details dialog box pops up >> Click Cancel

Outlook web application meeting

  •  You required to disclose the reason for the cancellation of the Meeting, and finally, Click send, your attendee will be updated on the canceled meeting.

cancel event and notify attendee

In case you created a recurring meeting in OWA, you can easily cancel the meeting, again there are few options

  • Cancel selected Event
  • Cancel this and all the Event
  • Entire Series of Events.

Let’s understand all three options:

  • Open Outlook web calendar.
  • Now get the recurring meeting date. selection of date in recurring is very important if you need to cancel a specific event, not the entire one.
  • Click the date, detailed description notepad pops up, click Cancel.
  • You get three options, (Cancel selected Event, Cancel this and all the Event, Entire Series of Events).

Cancel this and all the Event

  • Select any one (accordingly to your requirement), inject the cancellation note, and click Send.

Your attendee will get the canceled email and the event automatically deleted from the calendar.

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