Outlook Text Disappears As I Type – [How to Fix it?]

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It’s strange, but some people suddenly find that their Outlook text fields (such as Subject and To) randomly disappear. While this can happen at any time while using Outlook, it tends to be especially bothersome when composing an email. Have you ever wanted to overtype something or want to add a little flavor to your … Read more

Outlook How To Forward Emails?

forward all emails in Outlook Web App

Forwarding an email received in your inbox is quite simple, it’s a manual process. Have you ever considered the automatic forwarding method? You can redirect the email received from a specific email address using an auto-forwarding tool to make sure you never miss an email wherever you might be. In this article, you will learn … Read more

How to Indent in Outlook Email? [While Forwarding and Replying]

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Adding indent spaces before the original message while replying and forwarding in Microsoft Outlook manually is quite difficult. Outlook allows users to modify and customize the setting to set required changes automatically. Before getting deeper, let’s understand: What is Indent in Outlook Email? What Indent in Outlook Email does? Indent is a good tool to keep … Read more

How to attach (embedded) a screenshot to an Email in Outlook?

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How would you want to receive an email with a picture attached? And more importantly, how would you want to save the picture on your computer without having to download anything. Well, now you don’t have to worry about these things anymore because Microsoft has come up with a very simple solution. The Internet became … Read more

How to Change the Classic Ribbon View in Microsoft Outlook?

Classic View

Microsoft Outlook recently change ribbon presentation which relatively enhances the space in Outlook. The classic view consists of multiple icons and the simplified ribbon has fewer icons on it. The Outlook classic view is the default view when you open Outlook. To open the Outlook classic view, click File on the top ribbon, and then … Read more

How to mark your email as Normal, Personal, Private, or Confidential in Outlook?

Please treat this as confidential

Have you ever noticed an email received in your inbox which mark as Personal, Private, or Confidential in Outlook? In general practice, all the messages are marked as normal. In this tutorial, you can learn the step-by-step process of how to keep the message private or confidential. Method to mark the message as Private Or … Read more