How To Export Task List from Outlook to Excel?


When you need to keep track of tasks and share them with others, Export Task List from Outlook to Excel can be a helpful solution. This tutorial will show you how to export your task list from Outlook to Excel, so that you can track and manage your tasks more easily, not only that you …

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How To Import Tasks into Outlook from Excel?


A task is a piece of work, which is scheduled to handle, later, Microsoft Outlook is one of the most innovative platforms to list out all your task and reminds you accordingly. There are tons of tasks, momentous events, or appointments that really need your attention. Isn’t! You can easily create your tasks or even …

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How to Create a Task in Outlook?


Everybody, I mean everybody is fully occupied, and still, there are numerous tasks to complete. Microsoft Outlook provides a convenient location to store all tasks and ideas, so you can combine various lists into one and then work efficiently. In this article, you will learn step by step method ‘How to create a task in …

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How to Restore Missing Run a Script Option in Outlook Rule?


“Run a Script” is a part of Outlook rule wizard, which is used to create a specific rule. It is used to develop additional features, which are not available in Outlook Rules Wizard. The Run a Script rule action has indeed been removed from Outlook due to security updates. Once the update is installed, any …

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What is New Search Folder in Outlook?

New Search Folder is the customized Folder designed to separate and keep a copy of the specific nature of emails from your desired folder, whether by size, date, address, or any other multiple options. There are several predefined Search Folders available, but the most useful Search Folders are your own customized Folder. Some called this …

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