Microsoft Outlook do not archive items in this folder [Step by Step Guide]

Do not archive option in mail box

Archive ‘a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people’. that what Oxford dictionary saws. What is Archive in Outlook? The main purpose of MS Outlook Archive (and AutoArchive) is to move/shift older emails, calendars, etc., items to an archive folder. Why archive is important? It’s a … Read more

How do I save Multiple Outlook Emails to Hard Drive? [Step by Step Guide]

Export outlook data file

Every Microsoft Outlook user once in a while required this situation to be handled ‘How to copy Microsoft outlook emails to external hard drive‘. Why? There are a few reasons: For the backup purpose “How to save multiple emails in Outlook” Formating your system and required your outlook behavior as before. Transferring/ Migrate all your … Read more

Outlook keeps asking for password even though it is correct! How to get rid of It?

mail setup outlook popup

If your Microsoft outlook keeps asking for password even though it is correct, it’s (irritating), what would be the best option? Sometimes Windows update, which is necessary to make all your desktop functions smooth, brings some kind of bugs and technical issues like some unavoidable popup, you can put an end by offering a number … Read more