How to attach (embedded) a screenshot to an Email in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook allows users to attach pictures in JPG, PNG, or any other format while sending email toscreenshot icon any person, sometimes, you may need to insert the screenshot of the currently opened files like Word, Excel, or web data into the message body.

In case you are standing in simplified view in Outlook, you need to change the ribbon to classic view, all the icons expand and you will see a screenshot icon.

Insert Entire Screenshot Into Message Body

Open the file you need to insert for instance Excel file.

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on the New Email Message window.
  • Click Insert >> Screenshot

screenshot outlook

You will observe a gallery of screens of all running applications which aren’t in a minimized state under screenshot, select the file & the image insert on the body of the email message.

How to attach a screenshot to an Email in Outlook

Once the image is inserted “Picture Format” option appears which allows users to modify, insert multiple effects with an image.

picture format outlook

Insert Part of the Screenshot Into Message Body

You can also select the specific part of the image using the option Screen Clipping, Outlook window once click on screen clipping minimize, and you will get the window you need to take the screen clipping from.

  • Open Outlook
  • Click New Email >> Click Insert
  • Screenshot >> Avoid Available window >> Click Screen Clipping last option.

screen clipping

You can select the specific portion using the mouse after you unhold the mouse button your selected image automatically inserted it in the body of the message.

Screen Clipping image

In case you are using a simplified view in Outlook follow the instruction to get the screenshot.

simplified view in Outlook screenshot

This process is quick to add specific screenshot embedded in Outlook mail message using options that suits your need. There are multiple other options available in Windows and third-party tools that help users to take screenshots in Outlook.

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