What is the difference between appointment and meeting in Outlook?

In the introduction section, it is quite difficult to explain the difference, but after reading the complete article anyone (including you) can easily understand the difference between appointments and meetings in Outlook.

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According to the oxford dictionary the meaning of both the word.

[countable] a formal arrangement to meet or visit somebody at a particular time, especially for a reason connected with their work.



[countable] an occasion when people come together to discuss or decide something.

Microsoft’s outlook is exactly working the same for you.

So how does it work?

Difference between Outlook Appointment vs Meeting

A meeting is an appointment, but the appointment is not a meeting.
  • Appointment – An appointment is an activity to remind yourself or schedule an engagement at a specific time. The involvement of any other person is not required so there is no email send option available in Outlook, all you must do is create & save your appointment. Here is the snapshot of major options in outlook 2019.

outlook appointment vs meeting

  • Meeting – A meeting always includes more than one person, for the purpose of execution of the meeting you are required to select the members (attendees) and send an email invitation, there is an option to reschedule or set up a recurring meeting. For sending a meeting invitation you must create an email and send them. Here is the snapshot of major options in outlook 2019.

difference between appointment and meeting

If you dig deeper there are multiple similarities and multiple differences in Outlook meetings and appointments.

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