How to Add contacts to Favorites in Outlook?

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Add new contacts to your contact list. Now, how do you access them again?

Remember the contact label? Outlook stores contact labels, too, so you can find anyone quickly.

You might know how to pin mail folders as favorites in Microsoft Outlook.

How about if you need to add contacts to favorites, which can be easily and quickly accessed.

In this article, you will learn step-by-step methods how to add specified contacts to favorites in Microsoft Outlook.

Add Contact to Favorite in Outlook

You received countless email messages in your inbox, and you like to save or add the contact to your Contact favorites list in Outlook.

Click on the email you received in a separate window or simply check out the right navigation screen which opens the email message.

Right-click on the contact picture (or picture placeholder), and from the dropdown list select Add to Favorites.

You can also click on ellipses to expand the drop box and then click Add to Favorites.

Where is the Favorites Contact list displayed in Outlook?

Favorites, located at the top left Pane, contain shortcuts to email, calendar, to-do list, and contact.

When you hover over the contact icon Favorites Contact list appears.

Add Contact to Favorite in Outlook Web

Working on Outlook web is slightly different, you can easily add any email contact to your favorite. Folder favorites give fast access to the most important parts of a user’s mailbox.

To mark someone as a people favorite, and view someone’s people card, find a message where they are a recipient or sender, and click their email address. Select the email and click on the contact picture (or picture placeholder).

Click on the star beside his name on the people card. Your contact is added in your favorite in OWA.

Check out the Favorites section from the left navigation section and you will find your started contact added to favorites.

How to Remove Contact from Favorite in Outlook Web?

To remove someone from your list of favorites, click/deselect the star next to their name, or you can click the right mouse button on the contact added in the favorites, then click Remove from Favorites.

Final Words

Adding a contact to the favorite list help user to work faster and smarter, the best part is you can easily check out all the results available in your folder for that specific email address (contact) added in favorites.

You can send an email, and check your profile, all the results are also scrolled down easily.

Why do Outlook users prefer to Add contacts to Favorites in Outlook?

It helps you keep track of people you regularly communicate with or those who may be important for business purposes.

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