How to Use/Insert 3D Models in Outlook?

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The 3D emoji keyboard allows you to select the emoji you want to send—whether it’s a heart or a cat—and a 3D image of it pops up on the screen.

If that’s cool, you’ll love the gender swap feature as well, which swaps the face of an emoji with a male or female face. This can make your texts a little more fun, and a little more inclusive.

Emojis are a form of emoticons, characterized by their emoji faces. They can convey feelings and emotions through facial expressions, body movements, and other gestures. Emojis are often used to express sarcasm, humor, and even love.

In this article, you will learn step by step method “How to Insert 3D Models Emojis in Outlook“.

Insert 3D models in Outlook

3D Models are slightly different from normal 2D images, they consist of emotional characteristics. Let’s dine in and understand How it works?

Step 1: Open the Outlook application.

Step 2: Click on New Mail, you can also insert 3D models while replying to or forwarding the mail.

Step 3: Enter the email address of the recipient, enter the subject, then activate the Body of the Message by clicking on it,

Step 4: Click insert tab >> Click 3D models from the illustrations, you will get two options from the drop-down list “This device” & “Stock 3D models“.

For those of you who want to insert your own model, select This Device, and browse for your model. Stock 3D models consist of various models stored in Office data. You can also enter the specific keyword in the search bar.

Once you have selected the category, click on it, and you will be brought more 3D Models for that category, Let’s take an example of “Vintage Cartoons” When I click on “Vintage Cartoons”, a list of a couples of vintage cartoons appears:

Select the one you need to insert and click Insert to add it. This will add the 3D model to your email body. You can easily move and drag the image wherever you like to.

Customize a 3D Model in Outlook

You can edit by using the various editing options that will show up via 3D Model Tools. It can be rotated or tilted in any direction. It is important to note, however, that the viewer needs to be on a network that is connected to your Outlook.

The 3D Model tab only appears when you insert and click on the image, 3D Model tab consists of a handful of tools that help to refine and modify the image accordingly.

Select and Change the View

You can change the view of the model, go to the 3D model view, you can use the up and down arrow to check out the different views or can expand the list by clicking on the expending key, can select the view briefly to change the 3D model of the same selection you made.

Rotate or tilt a 3D Model

The 3D model is popularly known for its ability to rotate, every 3D model you insert will be rotated in all three dimensions, and you get rotated and tile handle in the center of every image. Drag that handle in any direction to get a specific view of your model.

Position With Text

Positioning your 3D Model with the text (email content) on your page, it is important to understand the concept of layout options. Whenever you insert a 3D model into your mail body it is very important to align the image with text.


You can use the Position drop-down box or Wrap text icon on the Arrange tab, you see multiple Layout Options button that displays. You can move/adjust the image ‘in line‘ or ‘with text wrapping‘.

Pan and Zoom

Pan and Zoom feature is as like resizing the image by it expanding its corners, but the only difference is this feature help to zoom in and out within its frame.

When you click Pan & Zoom in the ribbon, you’ll see a plus sign within a magnifying glass appear next to the image. It will help to zoom the image within the frame.

You can drag your image up to make the 3D model larger or down to make it smaller. The frame is intact in case you expend the image extra-large, and the image portion went outside the frame will turn out to be blurred, and that blur portion will be eliminated.

Reset 3D models

Most of the time you like to restart the customizations with the same image inserted into the message window, Outlook allows you to reset the 3D image, only just by a click.

Select the image >> Click on 3D models >> Hit Reset 3D models, From the drop-down list you can select:

  • Reset 3D Model – This option resets the image to default, and the size remains unchanged.
  • Reset 3D Model and Size – This option resets the image to default along with the default size.

Shortcut Keys to Insert 3D Models in Outlook

Open Outlook >> ‘Click CTRL+N >> Alt + N +S3 + S’

The online 3D model store opens Click ‘Tab 4 times, select the section using ‘arrow keys‘ and click ‘Enter

Again, select your 3D image using ‘arrow keys, to select click ‘Spacebar’, and hit ‘Enter‘ to insert.

Wrap Up

Given the circumstances, 3D rendering technology could be used in more ways. 3D models could be embedded in Outlook email messages, allowing recipients to view the illustration as they would a jpg or gif.

The added dimension makes things more visually appealing and could help explain complicated concepts.

Developers will need to learn how to use 3D rendering software to create such models, and that will require time and experimentation.

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