How To Merge Contacts in Outlook? (2010 or later version) [Step by Step Tutorial]

Contact Group

Microsoft Outlook contact management system stores all your contacts inflow, you can create contact, import, and export contact, Luckily, we are not limited to this, we have even more features that we are unaware of. You can also combine multiple duplicate contacts into one with little creativity. This article is all about Merge Contacts in … Read more

How To Disable an Outlook Email Account But Not Delete It?

Define Send Receive Groups

How to disable an Outlook Email Account But Not Delete It, in simple words¬†“delete outlook account but keep emails”.¬† I personally holding numerous account in Microsoft Outlook (IMAP, POP, as well as Microsoft Exchange), Every account inbox and other folders including subfolders refreshes every time you refresh Outlook or Hit F5, it’s natural. But the … Read more

How To Add Optional Attendees in Outlook?

How To Add Attendees to Outlook Meeting Already Scheduled

Outlook meeting designed in such a way, you can schedule meeting with multiple attendees, reschedule, cancel meeting, and recording the planning process in the meeting. Rescheduling consists of a change of time, location, add attendees in Outlook. In this article, you will learn step by step process “How to add optional attendees in Outlook 365?”. … Read more

How To Mark All Emails As Read In Outlook? [Use Custom Search Folder]

Reading pane Outlook

In the preview article, you have learned to find the unread email in outlook, sorting unread emails, conditional formatting, move unread emails into a specific folder all are really incredible methods. After all that, in case you need to mark all unread emails as read, which indicates read unread messages in Outlook, it’s a quite … Read more

How to Cancel Meeting in Outlook? [Single & Recurring]

compare meeting calendar Outlook

Once you created a meeting scheduled in Outlook, or later on reschedule the meeting, Outlook calendar saved your agenda both in the one-time or recurring meeting for the creator as well as an attendee’s of the meeting. After all this juggling, in the case due to some unavoidable circumstances, the meeting needs to be canceled, … Read more

How to reschedule a meeting in Outlook? [One Time & Recurring]

Drag and Drop Method

Rescheduling meeting is a normal practice in global organizations and corporates, schedule meeting in outlook and sometimes things come up and you need to reschedule a meeting, which already in all the attendee calendars. Once you created a meeting, Outlook calendar saves that meeting on that specific day, for rescheduling a meeting, you must have … Read more

What does sweep do in Outlook? [How to sweep emails using Rule?]

Delete a Sweep Rule

Removing (deleting) or moving unwanted emails from specific senders email in pattern method in Outlook 365 (OWA), sweep function use to delete or move the emails using rules. In this article, you will learn complete information on “What does sweep do in Outlook? & How to sweep emails using Rule?“. What does sweep do in … Read more

How To Turn off Outlook Notifications? OR [Only from Specific Account] (2019 & 365)

Turn Off Customize Outlook Notification

Just finished to setup Outlook notification¬†on my computer, and started to get all my email alert. Pretty cool. In reality, after some time you encountered real disturbance on every new email received. In case you are doing a presentation or showing someone how to do something on your computer, frequent notification causes real damage to … Read more

How To Assign Tasks in Outlook (2019, 365)

How to create and assign a task

Assign a task in outlook to your subordinate, in a professional manner, you can assign tasks for yourself as well as other network people. Outlook keeps records of every movement and progress and also reassigned the task. Outlook collaborates effectively and results beyond emailing. In this article, you will explore and dive deeper into “How … Read more