How to Insert a GIF into Outlook Email?


If you send an email to someone and they receive your email and are reading, wouldn’t it be great if they saw a cute little gif instead of just seeing your written words? Well, now you can. They’re called gifs and they can be inserted into an email. How? By using Microsoft’s Outlook. Gif images …

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Search Email in Outlook (Keyboard Shortcuts)

shortcut key to search email in outlook

Most of us access our email accounts constantly. It seems like we are accessing email every day, but we rarely type in a search query to find a specific email. Instead, we rely on our inboxes to auto-sort based on our criteria. However, inboxes are efficient, but they aren’t always perfect. At times, we drop …

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How To Pop Out an Email in Outlook?


You may have learned how to send an email in Outlook, but how do you pop it out? You may know you can double-click an email and drag it away to delete it, but how do you pop it out? In this article, you will learn How to set up Outlook to Open Replies and …

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How to Block an Email Domain in Outlook? [Web/App]


With so many people using email these days, it’s bound to happen. You receive an email you know is spam, so you delete it and vow never to click a link or open an attachment. But a few days later, another email arrives with the same subject. So, you open it, and this time, a …

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How to Change Color of Strikethrough in Outlook?


If you’re a word nerd like me, then you’ll love how strikethrough works in Outlook. While it’s not really that difficult to use, there are a few quirks to keep in mind. You can adjust the color of strikethrough in Outlook — and do it easily. Instead of writing out every message, you send out, …

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Why is Outlook showing a pop-up attachment reminder?

Outlook showing pop-up attachment reminder

A reminder is a notification in Outlook that shows a short message that allows you to act on an email. Microsoft Outlook is open for every user, have you ever noticed you get an introduction email (which is sometimes relevant to you), consisting of attachments, for instance, a Company profile. Outlook templates are pre-designed or …

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How To Sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar?

publish a calendar

Google calendar has become an essential part of our daily lives. For instance, it helps us schedule meetings, appointments, birthdays, etc. Various individuals and businesses widely use Microsoft Outlook around the globe. People use Microsoft Office 365 to synchronize their data across multiple devices and systems. This article will explain how to connect Microsoft Outlook …

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